Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Look Like This Now

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Look Like This Now

It's been a big secret — with occasional leaks and glimpses — what Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo would look like in the Michael Bay-produced TMNT reboot. Now you can see it for yourself. They're... bigger.

The new look isn't the only thing that's different about this version of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird's indie comic book mega-series. The Daredevil-inspired origin of the Turtles' mutation — getting splattered by radioactive gunk in a random accident — is getting changed up, with their hybrid nature coming as a direct result of experiments by April O'Neil and archvillain Shredder .


    I really don't mind the look to be honest.

      Same here, looking forward to the movie.

        That makes 3 of us. They look pretty cool.

          Whoa makes four of us, bring on Raph!!!

            CREAM, Andy, Mike and baron!

            Hmmm, doesn't have the same ring to it as Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael...

      I don't mind the new look, but changing the origin story is...eh...

      BTW A correction:

      with their hybrid nature coming as a direct result of experiments by April O’Neil and archvillain Shredder .

      This is wrong from that trailer. It was April's FATHER and Shredder, not April herself.

      Regardless, I'm still not sure what to think of the changing of the origin story, but then again the original animated series changed elements of the story too and that still worked, so we'll see.

      Leonardo looks badass but....did they cast Shrek as Mikey?

    It doesn't look that bad.

    I still think TMNT was one of the best versions of the turtles from the modern reboots.

    Hey, it's Ninja turtles, good times.


    Leo looks BADASS!!! cant wait to see Raph, he should look even more bad ass

      That was Raph that got launched into the side of the Hummer by (I think...) Donatello.

        Yep. Definitely with the staff, and I think I caught some purple. But then that was probably also due to the excitement of more Turtles awesomeness. I'm not sure about the origin idea (very cliche) but it's definitely one franchise that can mesh with Michael Bay's style.

    Is Michael Bay Hollywoods 'big budget' answer to Uwe Boll?

    (Seriously, can we keep him the f*** away from the rights to reproduce 1980's and 1990's cartoons in film?)

    There /are/ good movies being made these days, but it's shit like his which are really helping 'the mini-series as the superior story telling format' argument.

      On the other hand, it's a movie about giant wisecracking martial arts turtles fighting evil ninjas in America. It's not like it's the Tree of Life or something.

    I like the new look, and they seem to move pretty well and look convincing.

    The only thing I don't like is the stupid 'michela bayness' of it all, epic building explosions, black ops military guys everywhere like it's an ad for the army, dubstep sounding digital effects over everything. None of that comes to mind when I think of TMNT, it just seems like it's slapped on top because that's what you do nowadays.

      Yah. Just looks like another bay movie. With added "braaaaahhhhmm" over the trailer.

      If they can get the humour right then I can get over the military porn MB likes so much.
      Hopefully doesn't include a building falling down every 10 minutes.

      Obligatory "BWAAAHHHs" are something I'll just have to get used to :\

    Megan Fox didn't say a word. Best trailer she's ever been in.

      Clearly Mr Bay has a thing for her. I wish he didn't :\

    Stop it! your ruining my childhood!

    There were only 17 explosions in that trailer. WTF Michael Bay, you're getting sloppy!

      You might think that but the trailer did contain all the dialogue in the movie. The rest is just explosions

      When a team of completely unknown generic military dudes turn up 2/3 into the movie and somehow become the main characters for no goddamn reason, you'll know that Michael was here.

    Yeah but the story they are spinning is either similar to the Nick cartoon (a logo which I did happen to notice during the trailer) and or the shredder (whom is telling the story) is...lying. He is a super villain after all.

    Either way the Cowabunga is back baby. Time to put on my TMNT shirt and skate to work in their honour.

    What’s that sound they keep playing every time they do a slowdown? It’s irritating as hell.

      Bullettime awareness.. you know.. so you know that it's not realtime.. just in case you were stupid enough not to realize the real world doesn't move that slow! ;)

    So, they now look like a 2 second looping GIF?

    I suppose to save on production costs, but I don't think I'd sit there for two hours watching a 2 second loop.

    I just can't see this being good. Although I like the Rock and Pain and Gain, Bay's involvement is pretty much a death knell in and of itself. And don't even get me started on Megan Fox being cast as a reporter. She's basically the dumbest person in Hollywood, and it shines through in every role she plays.

      Well, the first Transformers movie I thought was quite good. And as I mentioned in a post above, this wouldn't be the first time the origin story has been altered somewhat as the original animated series did the same thing.

      As a big TMNT fan, I'll reserve judgement myself until we can see more of it.

    The new cartoon from last year is awesome! Fingers crossed they don't screw this up, but at least I've still got the animated show. :)

    Yeh I do like the look, but am also concerned about the change in origin story too, also how can Shredder be a white dude? Also needs more Rocksteady and Bebop.

    I loved the original live action movies as a kid, even though they were so corny (oh man, that Vanilla Ice song). One thing I always wanted them to explore was Krang and Dimension X in the movies, hoping they can be introduced in a possible sequel.

      Because it appears the the foot clan are now a black ops soldier of fortune type army

    I have to hand it to Bay, he managed to make TMNT exciting by introducing Giant Turtles...I mean jeez I'm pretty hyped to watch this myself now...

    And I'll bet a sequel will be in the works or should be...

    Hiring Megan Fox for this role is an insult to all humans and turtles.

    Last edited 28/03/14 10:29 am

    You guys are totally cray cray... this looks like Transformers with the Transformers hot-swapped for turtles. I'll never be able to burn that image of Michaelangelo with his mask off out of my brain... Ever.

    "We wanted to make heroes. So we mutated some turtles. That was the obvious way to go."

    I thought in this reboot the TMNT were a result of experiments that April's father and Shredder did not April and Shredder.

    I was a little put off at first by how "slick" it looks, but they actually look OK.

    I hope it's more fighting/ninja than wholesale city destruction though.

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