Tell Us Dammit: Are You Excited For A New Batman Game?

It's a bit crazy, despite the fact the Arkham series has a stellar pedigree — two high quality releases and one, not-quite-so-good-but-still-quite-good release — but plenty of folks still responded to yesterday's Batman: Arkham Knight news with less enthusiasm that I would have expected.

So I have a couple of questions: first who is excited for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game?

Secondly: if not, what's the reasoning? Just tired of the series? Did the last game sort of put you off?

I'm excited for a couple of reasons: first-off, it's a completely next-gen title. We need more of those. No holding back with this one. Secondly, it's Rocksteady! Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City were both legitimate Game of the Year contenders. I can't wait to see what they do with this one.



    I'm excited to see what they'll do with next-gen only. I hope for better AI..

    Definitely excited for Arkham Knight. I loved Asylum and City. I didn't get a chance to play Origins because of having a dead PS3, but I didn't miss a lot from what I'm hearing. And if the Batmobile is drivable, then I'm all aboard the hype choo choo.

    So damn excited. Loved all the foreshadowing in Arkham City. Especially in that secret room. So psyched. Rocksteady has me on board too. WB Montreal did an okay job, but this is Rocksteady's playground. Love the fact it's completely next generation too.

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      There was a secret room in Arkham City too?

        You know it!

    I'm not really that excited to be honest. Didn't hear great things about origins so haven't gotten around to playing that yet. So I still have another entire game to get through before I get around to that. Which is my problem with yearly releases I don't have time to get through the previous ones before the next one comes out.
    Pretty much the same issue I have with Assassins Creed, bad reviews means I'm not interested in picking it up at full price but don't want to get the latest without playing the previous.

      Yeah. I'm the same way. Even when I know that plot wise it's completely unrelated or the game isn't plot centric it really saps my motivation to play when I know I've missed part of it.

        I don't get this reasoning.

        Arkham Knight is a direct sequel to Arkham City.

        Origins is a prequel to Arkham Asylum and in no way adds anything new to the story of the Rocksteady games, so as long as you've played Asylum and City you haven't missed anything at all.

      Honestly skip one once in a while - you'll feel freer when you're not 'obligated' to play every damn instalment - and you'll notice the improvements more -

      For me Gears 1 to Gears 3 was a massive leap in quality, the MP of Black Ops II feels almost completely different to COD4. In contrast it's taking me forever to finish AC Brotherhood because its (MP notwithstanding) the same game as ACII

    Cautiously excited. Rocksteady have set the bar incredibly high, but I think they've got the chops to deliver. But I enjoyed Origins more than Asylum, so maybe I'm just less demanding than I think?

    In my heart of hearts, though, they probably had me at "playable Harley Quinn DLC".

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    It sounds like a good game but I'm just feeling a little overdone by Batman at the moment.

      Bang. This. By shoving out Origins so soon and announcing another one not long after they've kinda overdone it. Should have forgotten about Origins and just stuck with Rocksteady's timetable.

        Yeah, totally. I love batman but enough is enough. Just too many releases and they all look really similar.

    I kind of burned out on origins (well got distracted and haven't gone back yet) but i was enjoying it. Still not sure about whether i'll make the jump to ps4 at all but if i do i'd definitely want to play a new batman.

    Not really.
    However, I wasn't into any of them for some reason.

    With Rocksteady back behind the wheel? HELL YEAH!
    Skipped out on Origins because money at the time didn't agree with me getting it, but i have heard while it's not bad, it's certainly skipable...
    Loved Arkham Asulym and Arkham City, so i'm excited to see where they're headed with this one

    I'm really happy about just about pretty much every aspect of Arkham Knight I've seen so far but I'm not that enthusiastic because I feel like I know what's coming. It's going to be an awesome Batman game, with an awesome Batman story, but in a way it's also sort of feels like the third Arkham Asylum expansion pack.
    It sounds shallow but I think a major part of that is the name. Arkham Knight. Doesn't really grab you like Dark Knight Returns, Arkham Asylum, Year One, Long Halloween, etc. If they just started referring to these games as the Arkham Knight series, then called it City of Fear or Murder of Crows (terrible examples) that might get me a bit more amped up about the story and separate it in my head from the others. Although it's a bit late for that.

    Hell yeah.

    I was even excited for and thoroughly enjoyed Origins despite it being a cookie cutter sequel full of bugs.

    But with Knight being next gen and Rocksteady developed I am pumped.

    Announcing DLC 7 months before release doesn't sit well with me. I suspect I'll look into getting it on PC sometime next year since I did enjoy the first 2. Need to see more details of reasons why it's better than the current ones.

    Seems to me that a lot of people disliked Arkham Origins because they expected more. I played the first two when they came out, loved them both (with the exception of annoying collectibles), but didn't really follow Origins and picked it up on a whim when it was released, and delayed playing it. Maybe it's because I only ever saw one bug - a goon on the bridge that was un-interrogatable - or maybe it's because I wasn't all that hyped about it going into it, but I loved it, (and this may shock some people) probably more than the previous two games.

    I thought the story was a little preposterous, but the introduction to (and interaction with) the Joker was brilliant. However, I'm looking forward to this new one, not because it's "next-gen" only (certainly a plus), or because it's being done by Rocksteady (also a good thing), but because it will focus on a villain that isn't the Joker (he's a brilliant villain, and certainly Batman's ultimate foe, but seriously, it's been three games in a row - there are other villains).

      I'm worried that this Arkham Knight character will turn out to be the Joker...

    I'm getting pretty tired of Batman to be honest. Also, open-world sandbox and a driveable car? Is that really the most revolutionary new additions they could come up with? I can find that kind of thing in the Lego Batman game.
    Arkham Asylum was good but it certainly didn't leave me hungry for another two-and-a-half drawn-out games.

    Would've pre-ordered and got it launch day for Wii U but not sure it's worth buying a PS4 for. I've not seen any gameplay footage yet so I'm yet to be swayed.

    I'll grab it eventually. If they bundled a decent figure with it (ala AC4, Watch Dogs, South Park, etc.) it'd be a preorder, but just for some extra DLC I'll grab it on discount.

    I'll have to see how they fill the open world aspect if the game. I loved hunting for all the extra stuff in Asylum but when it came to City I just couldn't be bothered after beating the main story.

    But I'm excited about the fact that its new gen only. Will be interesting to see what they do.

    I didn't mind Origins so much, it was good up to a point then it just went off the rails and left certain plot points just hanging. That and I hated the whole WB studios part of it, leave it to Rocksteady.

    For Knight, I'm cautiously excited. Going to reserve judgement till I've played it. If they make it live up to Asylum and City I'll be happy. Excited to see how they go with Scarecrow as the main big bad now that Joker is "dead"

    I'm on the fence. On one hand, I really liked Asylum and City, it's Rocksteady again, and this time it's not being held back by old-gen hardware. On the other hand, Origins was boring and repetitive and I didn't bother to finish it. I guess I'm cautiously optimistic. If they come up with enough new stuff to mix it up a bit then I'll probably enjoy it, and most likely I'll grab it at or around release, but I'm not super hyped.

    I’ll be excited if it’s what I hope it to be.

    What I hope it to be? An actual living city with actual citizens. I’d be cool with them only populating areas after you clear it or some sort of progression like that. I want the Bat-mobile, bike and wing all up and running. I want some different major enemies, not just the Joker. I want there to be some interaction with police. I want Wayne Manor and to be able to mess around and upgrade the bat cave. Off the top of my head, that’s what I want. I probably won’t be that hyped until I get it.

      All of this. Another great feature would be a gauge on your relationship with law enforcement. So if you're continually wailing on civilians, or causing a lot of environmental damage, cars/property and stuff, you get less/no assistance from cops, and could even be hunted down by them. Complete missions without ruining the place, bring criminals to cops, and don't wail on civilians, and you get more help from the cops, call them for backup, setup road blocks, that kinda stuff.

        Oooh I like this. I knew I wanted some sort of relationship with the cops, I think this hits it perfectly.

    I will be excited to try it in three or four years. I am considerably poor, so next gen is quite awhile away for me. Hell, I need to buy a new tv just to plug one of those beasts in.
    I don't mind though. By the time I jump on board, there will be a back catalog worth going through with a ton of much cheaper games.

    Extremely excited, can't wait to see what they do on this gen.

    Yes. I am excited for two reasons;

    1. Batmobile.
    2. Rocksteady.

    However, I have no plans to get Origin, for the lack of the above reasons.

    Super keen on this! New batmobile looks awesome, new suit looks awesome and the Arkham series of games have definitely been one of my favourite trilogies of last-gen. I really enjoyed Origins, but Asylum and City were the standouts. Rocksteady have had a few years to perfect this new one, they want to go out with a bang and it's all next-gen. Count me in!

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