Terrible Star Wars LEGO Prank Is A Crime Against Friendship

Terrible Star Wars LEGO Prank Is A Crime Against Friendship

So, last week Michael put together the official LEGO Milennium Falcon. At over 1200 pieces, it took him all day. Naturally, the second he left the model alone, his friends arrived to take it apart again in the worst way possible.

See, they don't drop it. Or break it. While a problem, that can be easily fixed with a few clicked bricks.

No, Michael's friends disassembled the thing. Piece by piece. Warning: the video below will either be very funny or very heartbreaking, depending on the amount of LEGO you own.

Star Wars Lego prank [YouTube, via geekologie]


    At least he saw the funny side, and he seemed quite happy about rebuilding it.

    This should be shown to every kid who complains that they have no friends so they can see how lucky they are...............if I had spent all day building the Milennium Falcon out of Lego I would be too busy playing with it all night, so my mates(more likely my wife would be this sort of evil though) would have no chance to pull it apart.

    Worst way possible would be if they threw it against a wall. This was carefully done in reverse so he could put it together again with no more effort than the first time, pretty awesome prank :)

    I know Dutch. These guys are not his friends, they are his colleagues. The dude off cam with the slick hair is probably his boss (The way he talks is typical of how bosses talk in Holland, I used to work for one) and was his idea, then proposed his coworker (bald guy) take it apart.

    It looks to me like Michael made his Lego Milennium Falcon during working hours, and his boss is now repaying him for all his hard work as some sort of punishment.
    At least he wasn't too stressed about it and just told them he'll build it again. Stick it to the man Michael!

    ..anyway that's what I think happened here.

    I got this same set for Christmas from my wife a couple of years back, took nowhere near a full day to build, more like a around two or three hours.

      Yep, I've got the same set and 2 or 3 hours is what I'd estimate it took to build.

        I have it as well, and 2-3 hours is about right. I think perhaps people are getting confused with the Ultimate Collector's version which is about 5200 pieces and is at least a day's work to fully assemble.

          There's a bigger version? Desire to purchase rising... rising... ($2500+)... falling... falling...gone.

          (Though, for the record, the one in the video is clearly product number 7965 which is what I suspect we all have)

          Last edited 17/03/14 10:43 am

      Ooooooor maybe because he was at work, he spent all day on & off building it.

    A dick move but a very amusing and considerately detailed dick move. I like it.

    Well, half the fun is putting it together, so it's not all bad...

    He took it in good humour though, nice going.

    Well, he only spent one day doing it. If he spent years, then it would be a different story.

    And at least he was able to see the positive in it, he gets to build it again.

    If they didn't consider the pieces and number the bags it would've been hellish to redo the build.

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