That Scottish Guy Reviews Thief, And He's Right On The Money

Tam McGleish is one of my favourite game reviewers on the internet. The Glaswegian cop turned games journalist is hilarious, but also actually-quite informative. His latest review is Thief on the PS4 and I reckon he's right on the money.

Also of note is Tam's upgrade. He's now fully employed by and his show seems to have gotten a bit of an upgrade. Tam's brilliantly integrated the move into some weird storyline where he's totally gotten a promotion and high-tailed it to London to work for Scotland Yard. Yeah, it's all a bit in-jokey for Scottish people (like myself) but still — well worth a watch.


    I don't even know how many times I went back and watched that Ducktales vid again after it was posted here, or just went and grabbed it to reference the "awesome sauce" part :P

    This guy's great.

      Same, that was hilarious. Loved his version of the theme song too, classic.

      I don't think I have said the word "aeroplane" since that video came out without adding the prefix "fuck yer cousin".

        The line is actually "Fuck yer CARS AND Aeroplanes".

          Aww, I liked it more when I failed at Scottish.

    I thought Videogamer was really going to struggle after Matt Lees left but I think Tam/Jim has that special kind of madness that fits in perfectly with these guys.

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    You do realise Tam McGleish is a character played by Jim Trinca, don't you Serrels? You need not post as if this is a real person.

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