The 3DS So Rare Nintendo Only Made One Of Them

The 3DS So Rare Nintendo Only Made One Of Them

Every year, a Pokemon tournament is held in Japan to decide the nation's best schoolboy player. It's a competition worth entering, because the prize is one for the ages.

The prize for the winner of the latest tournament is this Mega Charizard 3DS XL, which is so rare because it comes with the competition winner's name on the back of it.

Making this a one-of-a-kind Nintendo console. So whoever wins it not only gets playground bragging rights for years, but also has a handy source of income if they ever want a deposit on a house in twenty years' time.

Dragon King [Pokemon, via Tiny Cartridge & Serebii]


    So I thought my Yoshi 3DS XL was brilliant. Then I see this and almost cry.

    I wonder if having your name on the back of it would increase or decrease the value of it.

      Probably increase as it is helps prove it's genuine.

    I dunno, this seems really ugly to me. I prefer the X and Y 3DS XLs over this.

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