The 7 Banned Moments From South Park: The Stick Of Truth

Warning: you may not want to watch this for a number of reasons. You don't want to be offended, or you don't want South Park: The Stick of Truth to be spoiled for you. That's totally fine. But if you want to see what was removed from the European/Australian version of the new South Park game, click on...

The Australian Classification Board really has something against anal probes. That's all I'm going to say.

Also: final warning. This gets pretty dark pretty quickly.



    I find it hilarious that you can't play those scenes in Australia, but it's perfectly fine and legal to showcase them on what's arguably the biggest gaming website here. :)

    Sense our system does not make.

      The impact of this showcase is lesser than that of the game due to the non interactive nature of the content...


        I paused and continued the video a few times, which made it somewhat interactive. :P

          You're a monster now! Stay away from my totally fictional children!

        And yet i still feel no urge to anal probe my friends or family after experiencing it on both mediums.

      Whats even weirder is if these exact scenes were on the TV show itd be allowed on our TV.

    Seems reasonable. Definitely falls outside of the classification guidelines.

      Reasonable that they complied with the guidelines. The guidelines themselves are unreasonable for dictating what adults should and shouldn't be allowed to expose themselves to.

        A cartoon of a kid getting fucked in the arse with a dildo. That's what that was.

        In fairness, this was a decision made by ubi for 'marketing reasons' rather than mandated by the OFLC, chances are they used the OFLC as a guide since its one of the more draconian systems they'd face but technically its not their fault this time.

          "Marketing Reasons" is just a catch all speak to basically mean

          - "Your classifcation laws are crappy and we can't be bothered to fork out money for a re-class if the uncut version is blocked so we edited the game further just to release it there"

            Pretty much, still odd to exempt the PC version in most markets though

              Most markets PC games aren't required to have ratings (at least for digital), so that might have factored into it. Strange that AU gets a censored PC version. That just means I would have to pirate it if I ever wanted to play it (which I don't), or buy from overseas and wait weeks.

    I've got too many games to play now so I'm just going to wait for them to release "South Park: The stick of truth UNCUT" on PS4. You know it's gonna happen.

      You're better off with the PC version because you know for a near-certain fact that it'll be patched and 'accidently' uncensored and if not, it'll definitely be modded. Conversely, a re-release of the game on console will have to be re-submitted for classification and very probably censored in the exact same manner

        Couldn't he find a copy that was uncut from an American retailer (when it comes out on ps4), since the ps4 isn't region locked??? Just wondering.

        Already been done!

    Now that I have watched it I will go perform such acts on people. But first I will go and run over a lot of people in my car because I just played Grand a Theft Auto.

    What a joke.

    Can't stop.... the urges.... must go to local shoping center...... rrrgghhhh.....give.... EVERYONE..... GGRRHHGGGYH.... ANAL PROBES.....




    That video was from the EU version, I was under the assumption that our version only had the probing censored, or was all shown above censored in our version as well?

    It's either R18+ or it's not. The scenes deleted aren't even classified R18+ in terms of non-interactive. Double-standard, nanny-state at it again. I don't care if you say it wasn't directly the classification board because it was the classification board's rules that caused Ubi to do this at all. Marketing reasons my anal-probe.

    There was a man gaoled a few years back for pedofilia for having a picture of bart simpson having sex with lisa. How is this any different?

    Got up to this area in the game last night, good thing I bought the US version. I was free to "accidentally" rectally violate Randy to my hearts content.

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