The Australian Who Built A Titan From Xbox Boxes, Now Has An Xbox One…

The Australian Who Built A Titan From Xbox Boxes, Now Has An Xbox One…

With Titanfall of course!

Yesterday evening Xbox Australia tweeted the above pic, before thanking Kotaku Australia for bringing the mega-meta Titanfall to its attention. Looks like Microsoft decided to reward Jordan Gulliford — who totally asked for an Xbox One in our interview yesterday — with a console and a copy of Titanfall.

Considering it took him well over 10 hours to build, I’d say he earned it!


    • Probably not, his is made almost entirely our of Xbox boxes. Its the best piece of marketing that Microsoft could have hoped for and they didn’t even plan it, so why not reward the man.

  • …pfft, if you were such a Titanfall fan you’d have had an Xbox One since November last year. PFFFTTTT.

  • $20 / hour wage @ eb x 10 hours of work time = he really didn’t earn one.

    Rough estimate of $600 value for the package… I think most workers would love to on $60 / hours

  • EB Australia’s Facebook page posted a photo and little bit about this display on their wall yesterday. It was great for them to acknowledge his great work

    What wasnt great was the amount of vitriol, tall poppy syndrome and down-right nasty comments from the general public about this. For shame how some people can be so jealous and unsupportive of talented people. No wonder great artists leave Australia to pursue careers internationally.

    Anyway, well done to this guy – awesome and creative work. Dont let the haters get you down, they arent people worth listening to anyway

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