The Best Cosplay Of The London Super Comic Con

The Best Cosplay Of The London Super Comic Con

Oh Sneaky Zebra, how I love the way you’ve changed boring cosplay shots into music videos filled with elaborate camera zooms. London fandom represents, in this first SZ video of 2014.

I can’t flip through cosplay photo galleries these days without humming a tune and swooping my head back and forth, and it’s all these guys’ fault. As Luke Plunkett once pointed out, every single costume is just begging for the GIF treatment.

Sooooo, make a GIF of your favourite and fill the comment section with motion sickness!

London Super Comic Con (LSCC) 2014 – Cosplay Music Video. [Sneaky Zebra]


  • “…every single [article] is just begging for the GIF treatment.”

    The first step is admitting it. I’m very proud of you, Kotaku, you’ve made some real progress today.


    Also much better music on this one than the usual generic I-don’t-even-know-what-you’d-call-it that’s on these things. Didn’t have to load up Fresh Prince of 3D World in the background this time 😛

  • Its scary when you can sit here and name all the characters. Thank goodness all the Powergirl cosplayers are busty lol

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