The Big Question: Titanfall Or Dark Souls II

It's a big week for new releases but video games can be expensive. This week heralds the release of Dark Souls II and Titanfall — two big hitters. Which one are picking up? Are you planning to buy both?

Me? I think I'll be focusing my energies on Dark Souls II first. Surprise surprise. I'm a big fan of Titanfall, but I think I'll wait for all the inevitable online wrinkles to be ironed out, then I'll jump in. I also really want to experience Dark Souls II amongst everyone else, instead of years after the fact like I did with the first game. I think that'll make for a different experience.

What are your thoughts?


    Multiplayer shooters just aren't my thing.

    Honestly (and I know this will make me unpopular...), but I don't see the appeal of either of these games, alas. Not really my kind of thing. So I'm doing that patented random third option thing and saying inFamous: Second Son next week. XD

      Infamous does look pretty damned sweet. I still have to wait a month and a half though, waiting sucks

      I am with you, though dark souls 2 was my pick out of both.

    I'm not into multiplayer only games because of people. Single player games FTW!

    Dark Souls II.. This shouldn't even be a question Serrels!!

    I'm a massive multiplayer FPS fan and loved the shit out of the Titanfall beta. Dark Souls is not a game that appeals to me, although I can appreciate it for what it is.

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    Buying both Day 1, but will be spending more time with Dark Souls 2.

    Dark Souls. Dark Souls! Dark Souls!!! DARK SOULS!!!!!!!

    Not getting either just yet, but I have zero interest in Titanfall. It's odd. It's not even a backlash against its popularity. Just never found the idea interesting, totally baffled by the hype associated with it.

    But if I had to choose, it would be Dark Souls II. Gotta finish Dark Souls I first (one lord and a DLC to go)!

      Yeah, to be honest I think it looks like it would get pretty repetitive and uninteresting after a while... much like my 55 hours or so spent on Battlefield 4 >_

    Is there a "neither" option?

    I loved Demon's Souls but I'm pretty much over the Souls thing after Dark Souls, and just don't really feel like getting into a 40-50-60-whatever hour slog at the moment.

    Don't have an XBone... could probably get Titanfall on PC if I was that keen, but Battlefield 4 is my online shooter of choice, and don't really have time for more than one of them.

    Thinking I may go for South Park instead...

      I'm with this guy. BF4 is all the online shooter I need, and Dark Souls just ain't my thing.

      Same. I have absolutely no interest in either game.
      Infact, I'm starting to get sick of seeing so many posts about both games.

      Yup battlefield 4 is just too good at the moment (even though I suck at it!) Played the titanfall beta and it didn't really appeal to me but it is a very nice looking game! The digital key on ozgameshop seems reasonably priced.

    I'm going to say Dark Souls, though I'll be waiting six weeks before I can get it for PC. Even though I never finished Dark Souls, I really love the lore and the speculation that has arisen from all the unanswered questions. So I'm really looking forward to having a crack at it, and then following the community as it unravels the lore of this new world.

    Has to be Dark Souls 2, what with the lack of offline single player, no Oz servers and 100+ pings being reported, Titanfall will have to wait, which means ill take another look in 6 months, and hopefully enough people will still be playing it.

    Both, once you're mentally exhausted from dying in DS2, you can jump online for some brain-dead fun with Titanfall..

    Titanfall, no question. I wanted to hop on the Dark Souls bandwagon and if I had things might be different, but I think I am just not cut out for a painfully difficult and rewarding gaming experience. I will take the short-term fun/quick reward, please. I am short-tempered and have precious little time to commit to any really in-depth gaming so I want to enjoy the time I do get. I am sure that Dark Souls is an experience I would treasure, if perhaps I were 5 years younger.

    Plus, the Titanfall beta was crazy fun and I want to get more of that ASAP. I haven't really enjoyed a competitive multiplayer game since Modern Warfare 2, and I think Titanfall might provide the online multiplayer experience without the frustration of people knife-running or just farming kills in objective games. Plus, giant robots! Jetpacks! (kinda) Parkour! Exclamation points!

    Neither game interests me in the slightest.

    TitanFall...however, I've no idea if I'll actually get to play it tomorrow thanks to my week long internet outage with TPG (that's still not resolved) and my cable connection not getting setup until the end of the month.

    Please internet gods, let me play TitanFall tomorrow night.....

    Titanfall, haven't had this much fun in a FPS since I was a teenager playing UT and Quake. It's the long lost "fast paced" shooter, without feeling arcadey. Picked it up as a digital download from the EN-US Xbox site for $67AUD conversion from $59USD.

    I want to say dark souls although I'm kind of meh on both of them. I do want to try playing dark souls 2 offline on a first playthrough and see how lost I get

    People who have both titles are likely to need a break from DSII and the constant tearing of their humanity. Plus when was the list time anyone with 2 AAA titles has managed to leave either of them shrink wrapped an entire weekend? :P

    I'll be getting both. most likely play DS2 first.

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    MECH SHENANIGANS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Going travelling for a month so can't start either. But Dark Souls 2 on PC will be almost out by the time I get back, so bonus!

    If Titanfall had splitscreen on Xbox one i would probably go for that version. But alas, i may as well go for the PC version and enjoy 1080P with better graphics.

    On the neither fence also, both funds and time poor at the moment.

    Aside from picking up Danganronpa last week, Infamous is the only other March pick up for me, and even then it will be a maybe!

    Definitely Dark Souls II, be picking my copy up at 9am tomorrow morning.

    Not really interested in Titanfall, I got a key for the Beta, even downloaded it and everything, and I didn't even play it once. Besides, if I want to play an online shooter, I've got Plants Vs. Zombies: GW.

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