The Commandments Of Playing Online Shooters

The Commandments Of Playing Online Shooters

Multiplayer matches around the world would provide a better experience for all of us if everyone just agreed to a few simple rules. Commandments, if you will.

Dorkly has gone ahead and drawn up comics for ten commandments for FPS multiplayer games, and they’re pretty great. Like the one above, for example — because seriously, too many people think they’re SUPER PRO SNIPERS. If only landing headshots wasn’t so cool and gratifying, then this wouldn’t be a problem. Or, alternatively, we could all agree to be realistic about things and stop trying to land the type of kills that look cool in a montage but probably don’t contribute to the match at hand.

Here are a few more commandments — I’m sure you’ll find they’re on-point:

You can find out what the rest of the ten commandments are here.

Do you have any “commandments” you think other people should follow when playing online shooters? Make sure to share in the comments!


  • I’d like to point out the factual inaccuracy of the team-killing image, as the team-killer is supposed to be sporting a heinous shit-eating grin rather than the shocked expression as he intentionally stabs his team-mate.

    • Yeah exactly. I have accidentally killed team mates during a match because I am looking down my rifle scope and they run in front of me and I kill them with a headshot. This is completely different to intentionally killing team mates just because you are bored / annoyed / lazy.

  • Thou shalt not use AWPs in CS:GO.

    Seriously, stop the AWPs!

    You can tell I’m a regular victim to AWPing. :'( Valve should totally nerf it.

      • CS:GO is built around the idea of creating a competitive game. The AWP is balanced in that regard. Economy is a massive part of competitive CS, making it a risky weapon to buy due to its hefty cost and the very low kill reward.

        Then, if you’re killed and the other team takes a free AWP… may mercy be upon you. Unless you kill their AWPer and take it back. That works too.

        But yes, AWPs in casual is pretty disgusting. There’s at least one, and generally many, around every corner. There’s nowhere to go… you’re never safe.

        • How did the community never get that it’s an AWM, not an AWP? Hasn’t been an AWP since original CS left beta.

          The real AWM (and the one in modern CS) uses the .338 lapua rounds which aren’t designed to be used against humans at all. The idea is that you defeat the enemy by putting a shell through their engine block!

          Now they have to deal with the fact that they are without transport, in arctic conditions, within range of a sniper equipped with an armor-piercing rifle. I’m guessing that surrender starts to look real viable.

  • Perhaps assign points to units based on their role in the team rather than by so crude a mechanic as how many people you kill since it only encourages unrealistic Rambo bullshit which does nothing but degrade team performance by overvaluing the individual.

    Quick suggestion
    Autoriflemen get points for every second they make the enemy cower behind cover rather than firing back
    Medics get points for reviving & healing
    Marksmen (there really are no snipers in any game that’s got engagement ranges under 1km in size) get points for precision kills of targets designated by team leaders
    Riflemen get points for kills as normal
    AT gunners get points for destroying hard targets like vehicles or fortifications
    Team Leaders get points for the successful execution of orders (kill that, suppress there, heal him etc)

    • Battlefield actually has most of this to an extent. I don’t think all game modes use these metrics to decide the winning team. But in Ticket based matches a good medic is the key to victory.

  • That shall not use words proclaiming your skill in your nick.

    Whenever I see someone join like ‘2GUD4U’ I instantly know they are crap. Paraphrasing Hilary Clinton: If you have to tell people you’re powerful, you’re probably not.

  • Thou shalt pursue the objective, specifically to the exclusion of stroking your ego.

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