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Yesterday's haitaku was a close one! Dr Curlytek was fastest, correctly guessing McPixel just a minute before Plime97! Well done to both of you.

Today's haiku comes from xinoea...

Crawling on the ground You save them from their demise with a huge racket.

Good luck everyone!

This is HaiTaku. We write haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    Ape Escape.

    EDIT: Though that's a net, not a racket. Whatever.

    Also, McPixel wasn't actually 8 bit :P

    Last edited 28/03/14 12:02 pm

      Well, if we were to over-analyse yesterday's Haitaku, then it would make sense that it is about a game that only "appears" 8-bit, which can be seen through the sarcastic tone of "8-bit glory".

      Too bad about the racket part; Ape Escape almost fits perfectly here!

      Last edited 28/03/14 12:16 pm

        Could mean racket as in sound. Those Ape's weren't quiet.

          Actually, I think it probably is the noise angle. What game do you make noise to scare animals away?


    Not sure about the racket though haha

      I seem to remember a fly swatter being used but that's not exactly saving them from their demise...

    I'm going to take a different route on this and say it's The Godfather - saving people during a heist using a racket truck

    Does anyone know those games where you play a character trying to keep others in the air by moving along the bottom of the screen with a racket/trampoline, reflecting them back in the air? I reckon it was the first one of those...

      You mean Fire Game and Watch?

        Yes! That's what I was thinking of! It would be amazing if someone did a G&W Haitaku; I don't think we've had one before!

      Oh that's right! Is it bouncing babies?

        Beaten again!

        Bouncing Babies in CGA.

          To be fair, posting at 10pm is pretty much asking to be beaten... Need to get here early!

            You should all start posting at night. Handicap people who live by standard hours.

            I believe this is fair and equitable.

    Maybe a zombie game? Dead Rising 2.

    I guess the question is whether the haiku refers to a loud noise, a crime syndicate or a racquet?

    Some people are heading in the right direction, but no-one has it yet (as of 9:41pm). But to answer the question, the haiku refers to a racquet.

      I must know; who is heading in the "right direction"?

        I just realised, if it was "racket" as in the sound, Pikmin would be a perfect fit!

          Maybe I'll guess Mario Tennis as well, just to throw ideas out there!

          Last edited 30/03/14 11:17 am

        Stickman is. Lemmings is heading in the right direction.

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