The Deus Ex Short Film Is Awesome

The Deus Ex Short Film Is Awesome

Never mind the fact this is a fan project. Human Revolution is a Deus Ex short film that's easily on par with anything we would have expected from, say, a commercial TV network.

It's been teased for a while now, but the full thing is now finished and ready for viewing.

It runs for about 12 minutes, and if you loved Eidos' reboot of the series, it's a must-watch.

The Deus Ex Short Film Is Awesome


    "Im seeing yellow again."
    "I thought you asked for that."
    "no, I never asked for this."
    XD, very clever.

    Wow. Very nicely done. I'm not a Deus Ex fan, but this has got me interested. It's got that Matrix meets Bladerunner vibe.

    Well made.

    I really liked the Robocop reference at the beginning tied with the replica handgun (originally a modified Beretta 93R) clearly shown @ 6:54!

    Absolutely superb. Is this part 1 of a series by any chance?

    If Hollywood could do even half this well, we would have excellent video game movies falling out of the sky.

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