The Forest Is Your Worst Virtual Reality Nightmares Come True

Hey, remember The Forest? The terrifying survival horror game with ludicrous production values for the Oculus Rift? In the wake of all the virtual reality hype its developers End Night Games released a brand new trailer with new game footage and it looks spectacular.

But as good as it looks, I don't know how I'll handle this. Knowing how immersive the Oculus Rift is, and how freaky this thing looks as a low res bloody YouTube clip, I don't know how much I can legitimately take without having a nervous breakdown.

I mean this looks legitimately scary and being fully submerged in this world.

Oh gawd.

The game hits Steam early access on 22 May. You can find out more here.


    Tell me this is multiplayer. PLEASE tell me this is multiplayer....

      I hope so man, I hope so :D People will proberly bitch about how co-op would make it scary well then... just dont play co-op!

      I hope not! True horror games don't have multiplayer because it completely destroys the atmosphere.

      No. But looking at adding co-op after release

    Really? Too scary? It's a game, you skirts. It can't hurt you. Man up. I don't understand why everyone freaks out over "scary" games. You know what happens when you die in a game? Nothing. You get to try again.

    This isn't the Matrix; dying in the game won't kill you IRL.

    Wow! I'm excited but afraid at the same time :/

    There didn't seem to be many weapons though, mainly just a torch, hatchet and traps. It'll be interesting to see what other weapons they'll put in.

    Leo did one of his great videos on The Forest a while back, and it was hilarious/terrifying.
    But now, OR support? There's no way I'm playing it!

    looks a lot like a first person "Dont starve", that could be incredible with the OR :D

    It's not scarey looking unless you are a wuss or a 6 year old.

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