The Gabe Newell AMA Is Now Live On Reddit

The Gabe Newell AMA Is Now Live On Reddit

And he brought some friends along.

After a false start yesterday, the Gabe Newell Ask Me Anything topic in now live on Reddit. Go and ask him questions! He might answer. He might not. He might disappear into a puff of smoke and traverse inter-dimensional space. God knows what’s going to happen in there.

Update: Everything Interesting Gabe Newell Said In His Reddit AMA


  • only like… 5 of those questions are answered so far, with really short phrases for answers. must be a busy guy

  • There was one…

    Do you play Dota 2 a lot? What’s your favorite hero? Is HL3 coming?
    [–]GabeNewellBellevueGabe Newell
    1) Yup 2) Sand King / Random 3) Yes

    • Ugh. It looks like he’s really not getting into the spirit of things.

      The entire point of an AMA is implied in the very name of the thing – it’s supposed to be open and candid. When someone says, “Ask me anything,” there’s an implied approachability and openness there.
      Moreso than canned PR pieces or “YOU ONLY HAVE FIVE MINUTES GO” games conference bits.

      Why didn’t he a) already know this b) have people tell him this, or c) not make the offer to do the thing in the first place? Worse is that he tied this in to a charity.

      Fucker if you didn’t want to do it then you shouldn’t have offered to do it. Being picky with questions and terse when deigning to answer them at all is the kind of petulant attitude you expect from an unrepentant child who’s been told they have to apologize for their shitty behaviour.

      • Well in Gabes defense, he was posting anonymously on Reddit until someone ousted him and he got annoyed by people demanding an AMA. If it was me i’d to would be like that.

        • Nah, I’m still going with ‘not cool bro’. If you’re getting pissed off, you just say, “No, stop asking, you’re pissing me off.” You don’t drag a charity into it, wait for people to donate a truly staggering sum, then get all recalcitrant and resentful at having to actually stand by your word. There’s ways of telling someone to fuck off with integrity.

  • I’ve always thought the internet sheds Gabe in a different light than he really is. Based on the interviews I’ve read, he seems like a pretty serious guy and not tremendously approachable.
    This reddit is basically what I was expecting.

    • I think it’s different when you watch videos of his talks and discussions at the smaller, in-house developer conferences where he’s a lot more loquacious and engages more – possibly because he’s actually talking with his peers instead of ‘common internet scum’.

  • Whats wrong with the reddit users?? All i want to know is hl3 status and any hl3 question gets downvoted in oblivion.

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