The Humble Store Is Running A Sweet Sale On All Things Square Enix

Almost everything is on sale, including Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and pretty much every single Thief game ever made.

Tomb Raider — the new quite good one — is down to $7.99, Hitman Absolution is $6.24. But here are the best ones...

— Thief II is $1.74 — Hitman 2 is $1.74 — Just Cause is $1.74 — Just Cause 2 is $3.74

These are all pretty awesome deals, particularly if you're looking to plug some gaps in your collection.


    Eh... Should I buy Just Cause 2...?

      I thoroughly enjoyed it - and played through it twice, but, that was when it first came out. I had a go lately and it has aged - this was on 360 though. With the multiplayer and the improved graphics and everything on PC? For less than 2 beans? You would be mad not to.

      If only for the ninja bit.

      Last edited 27/03/14 1:20 pm

        Hmm... Okay I'll go for it once I get home! Thanks!

      sure. it's stupidly fun.
      & I hear the multiplayer mod is the bees knees.

      Oh god yes. It is a looong long game.

      I'm at 55% completion and I'm only 53 hours in.

      It's only $3.74, with the time you'll be spending, its practically free.

        I hear many people say it was initially super fun, but gets repetitive and boring quickly.

        But then again look how damn cheap it is... Might as well go for it. It's cheaper than the train ticket I bought to get to Uni and back.

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      Yep, and pick up the Multiplayer mod on Steam (free). Totally worth it!

    If you haven't already played this Tomb Raider buy it. I didn't really care about it when it was first released, Tomb Raider as a series has never really clicked with me, but I picked up the XBOX One version and absolutely loved it. It's essentially what a Green Arrow Metroidvania game would be, which is awesome.

      As an origins tale it works well. Could have done with a little more puzzling, and the stealth mechanics were better in TLoU. It's not perfect, not by a long shot, but it's good enough that I 100%ed it on PS3 and again on PS4, and bought it for a tenner on PC to see the difference with PS3 (just before the DE was announced...). Not a long game, so just play it, as others have said.

      And for fans of the originals there's one very nice touch.

        I loved Tomb Raider on Xbox 360 and I'm planning to buy it again on Xbox One because I want to do a second playthrough and I think it's worth going for the "definitive edition".

        Not sure I want to pay full price though, so I'm waiting until my pile of shame is smaller and/or it's on sale.

    Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Blood Money and Thief 2. All those good? Anything I should add?

      The new Tomb Raider was also really good if you've not played that yet.

        Already have that, keenly waiting on the sequel to that and a new Deus Ex game.

      Sleeping Dogs didn't really grab me but it's obviously a pretty high quality game with a really well done melee mechanic. Blood Money is a fantastic murder simulator, worth buying just for the opera house level alone. Thief 2... well there's a reason people bitch about the contemporary thief game and it's mostly because its not Thief 2, easily worth the money if you don't mind older graphics

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        I have the first game on Steam with TFix installed, and I have seen that T2 has a similar mod available to download. Do you have any opinion on if I should pick up Deadly Shadows as well?

          It was... okay. Very compromised by the being on console thing, you'll see a lot of loading screens (which would be at least rather short on a modern PC I expect). The game was still good, just rather regularly interrupted but given that its that cheap you might as well, worst case scenario is that you've wasted a handful of lose change.

    I saw Crusader Kings II was on sale and was about to get mad because I bought it on Steam like 2 days ago, but it turns out the Humble Store sale price is the same as the Steam sale price.

    Sleeping Dogs
    Tomb Raider
    Just Cause 2
    Thief 2 because you need to know your goddamn history, son.

    Get all of these, or you hate orphans.

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