The Impending Death Of Diablo III's Auction Houses And What To Expect

Diablo III's gold and real money auction houses were not well-received by players and after much gnashing of teeth, Blizzard will soon stick a King's Sword of Haste though its cash-pumping heart. But what does that means for ongoing and completed, yet unclaimed, auctions? Blizzard's tweaked its FAQ on the shut down to add these details, along with a date so you don't get caught out.

Firstly, the auction houses will be banished into the electronic aether come 9PM on 18 March (otherwise known as next Tuesday). Blizzard says there's a bit of leeway with this time, but it won't be by much.

The developer recommends cleaning out your Completed tab before this date, though you'll have until 24 June to sort yourself out, after which "Treasure Goblins" will consume any unclaimed goodies (read: they'll be deleted by a SQL query).

Other than these details, it's pretty straightforward stuff, so if you haven't logged into the game for a while, it might be best to jump on quickly and double-check you haven't left anything sitting around.

Auction house FAQ updated []


    But they still aren't going to let you play offline...


      One step at a time. If they delivered offline mode the second the auction houses turn off, then they'd have to admit the only reason for always online was the integrity of the auction houses.

    The always online requirement means I still won't buy this, but stick with Torchlight 2 and Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing.
    Also with the casualisation... if that's a word.

      You mean how you're no longer locked into skill tree choices, able to try new builds whenever you like? Maybe it's just because I don't have as much free time now as I did back when Diablo 2 was released but I think the 'casualisation' is a good thing.

        My casualisation I was referring to both the low difficulty as well as the ability to reallocate skill points. I think being able to reallocate points isn't a bad idea, but there should be some cost associated.

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