The Insane Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Will Soon Be Even More Insane

The Insane Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Will Soon Be Even More Insane

The ridiculous mod that allows folks to play with each other in Just Cause 2‘s map has always been wild, but now the enterprising people behind it are continuing to add features that will expand upon the madness.

This 0.1.4 update, which is now in beta, will include earthquakes and wearable hats and heat-seeking missiles. Oh, and cars that drive on water. Those Jesus cars would be the best thing about this update, but those hats. See, this update allows users to attach objects to other objects — like putting a hat on your character’s head, but not limited to that. You could also, say, attach a whale to an aeroplane.

The full changelog for this update can be found at the mod’s website. The mod is distributed through Steam, so if you want to participate in the public beta release, you’ll need to activate it in the Betas tab.


  • This is the mod that keeps on giving. I miss those beta tests though. 2000+ plus players at once, now it’s all fragmented between servers. They should make weekends where you can only play on one massive server

    • I agree with you. They need to bring back at least 1 official server per region. In australia the most players you get is off Meows server with 15 people max. Yet the test had 2000 at once.

      • Meows dropped down in popularity a few weeks after the mod got all that attention, but this update should bring back people again. There was a few days on Meows with 120+ people. Totally bonkers.

  • Thats what killed it for me, you have one server with maybe 90 people on it and the rest generally wont have more then 50 on it.
    Which for most games wouldnt be too bad but during the beta i was constantly in servers with 900 in it.

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