The Internet Reacts To Facebook Buying Oculus Rift

The Internet Reacts To Facebook Buying Oculus Rift

Now that Facebook is buying Oculus Rift, people have all sorts of opinions. Unsurprisingly, reactions have been rather negative: Oculus was supposed to be the future of gaming! Now that Facebook is involved, everything is ruined!

Or something like that. You don't have to browse for very long to find reactions like this — one of the first comments on our own post on the news was, to quote, "NO NO NO NO NO FUCK FUCK FUCK!"

While we don't yet know how the acquisition will influence Oculus Rift or the future of Facebook, you can't really blame people for reacting the way they have. For one, while the move might bring virtual reality to the mainstream, the potential drawbacks of this move might not be worth it, as far some gamers are concerned. People can't help but think about how Facebook handles user data/personal information, how much Facebook loves advertisements, and about its social games — all of which make it hard for some to have faith in how things will turn out for the Oculus. Plus, there's a lot of snark about how the backers of the original Kickstarter project aren't monetarily benefiting from this move, even though they did receive the dev kit they were promised.

There's always the possibility that things will turn out fine, of course. There's no way to know either way! But with all of this in mind, here's how the internet has reacted to Facebook buying the Oculus Rift — much of what you'll find online is doom and gloom, but not all of it is:

The Internet Reacts To Facebook Buying Oculus Rift

(By Redditor paraboul.)

The Internet Reacts To Facebook Buying Oculus Rift

(By anonymous 4channer.)

The Internet Reacts To Facebook Buying Oculus Rift

(By neoGAFfer Bundy.)

The Internet Reacts To Facebook Buying Oculus Rift

(By neoGAFFer mcrommert)

The Internet Reacts To Facebook Buying Oculus Rift

What about you, how do you feel about the acquisition?


    im still hoping that this is some elaborate april fools joke

    Can't wait to play candy crush saga on my Oculus Rift!

    Disclaimer: never played it, nor do I plan on doing so.

    I'm amazed by the reaction inside the developer forums on the oculus blog.

    Possibly because of previous statements like this:

    "Some people think Microsoft, Google, Apple or any number of tech or gaming firms will purchase Oculus. And you can bet some have already tried. For now, Luckey insists that he's staying independent.

    "We want to do things our way. There are certainly people who are interested... but we have a vision for our consumer product and we know that we're going to be able to pull it off. We don't want to be assimilated into someone who's going to have us working on their own product or their own vision of VR - we want to be able to deliver our own vision of what VR is," he said.

    So even if a company like Amazon made a huge offer, it wouldn't matter? "Nobody can say it doesn't matter - everyone has a number," Luckey admitted. "But I don't think there's a reasonable number that would make me say, 'You know I was going to change the world with VR and try to change humanity forever but here's a number. It really is about making sure that we get to deliver our vision of consumer virtual reality."

      I'm glad you found this again.
      I remember him saying something very similar to PC Power Play when they interviewed him.
      Makes me wonder.
      Heck I even wonder if Carmack agreed? He's not silly by any stretch.

      $2 billion sounds like a pretty good number to me.

      Obviously that vision only ended up costing 2 billion.

      This video sums up this whole situation. Make sure to listen to the lyrics

      I'd doubt a number like 2 billion would have even entered his mind when he was saying that.

        I don't wanna know what kind of fucking horrific things I'd probably do for even a tenth of that.

      Reddit is in a fucking state over it. Which is hilarious.

    Why is Facebook suddenly pushing me ads for medium size hats and reading glasses?

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