The Killer Mega Man Jacket That Might Not Happen

The Killer Mega Man Jacket That Might Not Happen

The latest creation from video game clothing designer Enzo Volante is this outstanding Mega Man hooded jacket, which won’t get made unless Capcom gets enough preorders. Capcom has teamed up with Volante Design to dangle this incredibly sexy jacket in front of Mega Man fans hungry for any kind of love they can get.

The MegaJacket’s cut is sublime, the hood is removable, and the zipper in the sides of the sleeves are bright yellow, simulating a buster gauge. It’s a gorgeous piece of clothing, and it even comes in a ladies’ cut.

The Killer Mega Man Jacket That Might Not Happen

But Capcom cannot simply release nifty new Mega Man product. These babies cost a great deal of time and money to make, so they need to make sure the fans really, really want it. They’re asking for 200 preorders of the men’s version and 100 of the women’s before 31 March, or God will call the design home and no one gets one.

If this were a t-shirt or a hat I would say it’s a sure thing, but this is a $US199.95 piece of designer outerwear that only goes up to 2X (dammit). Can Capcom sell 300 of them in 15 days?

Now taking pre-orders for incredibly cool Megajacket [Capcom Unity]


  • Stop teasing your fans Capcom. Just kill the franchise completely, like you apparently want, abandon the IP and move on. I was all set to preorder until I saw the price, and being designer clothing 2XL will probably translate to M or L in normal clothing (and I like my jackets a little baggy).

    I’ll be surprised if this reaches the preorder limit, and i’m pretty sure Capcom are well aware that it probably won’t But, hey, stranger things have happened right?

    • My partner got an official AFL jersey last year. He wears an L shirt (XL is he likes them baggy). The jersey had to be 4XL to fit, and this sort of thing would be of similar sizing, I think.

  • I like this design much better,
    The original post on Kotaku about the same ‘designer’ didnt take to me as the shoulder pads made the jacket look stupid, but this design is much better
    still not $200 worth lol

  • I ended up buying the assassins creed inspired one, very nice piece of clothing, definitely quality, the sizing is a bit on the smaller size, so that can be something to consider if you do order

  • It looks so much like a MM themed Assassin’s Creed outfit that I read the designer’s name as Ezio…

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