The Latest Unreal Engine Gives Us The Prettiest Lighting Effects

The Latest Unreal Engine Gives Us The Prettiest Lighting Effects

Hopefully we'll get to see something similarly pretty in our lifetimes — well, that's not the main problem. Something similarly pretty but in-game, and with an acceptable framerate. Yeah, that's it.

Until then, we have videos to gawk and "ooooh" at. Like these two, spotted by DSOGaming, which showcase the lighting effects Unreal Engine 4 is capable of (its version of a technique called Global Illumination, specifically). First, we have a video which focuses completely on just lighting:

And here's what this lighting could look like "in action," ie. in games released several years from now:

I'm excited for the future, personally.

New Videos Show Off Global Dynamic Illumination [DSOGaming]


    Have the fixed the transparency issue that plagues many games where you have a semi transparent object in a room with more transparent effects?

    ie., ME3, Female Shepard's hair inside the room with fog effects on the Normandy.

    every generation and new game engine they show off the lighting effects and every generation and game engine I'm disappointed a how the games don't live up to the hype

      Yeah, sadly there's usually a pretty big gulf between these tech demos and how well the effects are utilised in actual games. Maybe we'll eventually see stuff this good on PS5 and Xbox One Two.

      Yeah I think I have 'slow panning through pretty but empty and mostly static environments' fatigue.

      All I can think of now is: What's that going to look and feel like when there are several characters on screen and I'm swiveling the mouse/stick wildly 360 degrees?

      (Oh, that and also: what will these impressive environments be used for? The next Call of Duty?)

    both of these are from included examples in engine not prerendered footage) the second was designed to run on mobiles

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