The Latest Watch Dogs Trailer Is All About Sharing -- Are You Still All About Sharing?

Sharing is caring people. One of the best features of the new PlayStation 4, I think, is the ability to easily share in-game content — video, screenshots — on social media. It's this feature that Sony has chosen to focus on with the new Watch Dogs trailer it has chucked up on its site.

It's an interesting trailer. Kinda different from the usual 'I HAVE A SCORE TO SETTLE AND I'M GONNA EXPLODE ALL THE THINGS' trailers we've become used to, but it got me wondering: how many people actually use the 'share' feature on the PS4?

I haven't used it all that often. In fact, the one time I did use it was simply to bitch about something I hated in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

My lack of use isn't really a sign that 'sharing' is a useless, tacked on feature — I think, if anything, it's the result of me not really playing my PlayStation 4 all that much. Mainly because there is very little to play on the console right now. In that sense, maybe Sony's attempt to promote it's 'share' functionality via Watch Dogs could be pretty smart. It's a reminder. 'Hey, when you get back to playing games on your next gen console — don't forget to share stuff'.

It's been a timely reminder for me at least.


    "It's very important for human beings to feel they are popular and well liked amongst a large group of people that we don't care for." - Seinfeld in 1992.

      Wait, wait, Seinfeld said something both interesting and relatively timeless? Are you certain of the source on that?

        Haha. Very much so. It's from one of the episodes in Season 4 from memory.

    I'd love to share my favourite playstation moments and as soon as sony come to their senses, drop their cack handed brute force implementation of HDCP and let me just capture my own sodding footage so I can edit it to show the bits I want to show rather than the bits that happened to be within a prearranged time window of when I press the share button, I very probably will start.

    Oh and also when I get a PS4. 2 months to go...

      Bravo. I love the share function but feel I can only comment on it due to the fact I actually own a PS4.

    I have a Wii U and have never posted a screenshot to Miiverse. Have left messages now and then though.

    Got a bunch of random friends for all the AC4 social stuff so that was cool though! Go Miiverse (sometimes).

    Let me just share it to psn and not twitter and facebook and i'll think about sharing.

      I won't even then. a 15-minute video clip of AC4 turned out to be 891 MB. I don't have that kind of bandwidth to spare.

      Also, don't use twitter or facebook, so there's that, too.

    I think my share button is broken... oh wait, I gave my correct age when signing up to PSN and now as a 24yo I'm still treated like a child. ~End rant

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