The Likelihood A Robot Will Steal Your Job, In One Picture

The Likelihood A Robot Will Steal Your Job, In One Picture

More and more, jobs everywhere are becoming automated — and it's only going to get worse as technology becomes more capable and advanced. What are the chances your job could be taken by a robot, machine or AI, though?

Last year, an Oxford study found that nearly half of all U.S. jobs are at risk of becoming automated sometime in the future — the following infographic by Bloomberg represents that data in an easily-digestible picture. The jobs mentioned aren't all necessarily the type of jobs you might expect to be at danger, too:

The Likelihood A Robot Will Steal Your Job, In One Picture

Yikes! And here I was thinking that the robot takeover would be violent or something.

(Via Fast Company)


    they took our jerbs!

    I think you could replaced by my Roomba, Patricia.

    my job is safe (implementing IT solutions into business environments. Read: replacing jobs with computers) lol

    Musicians and singers? That'll be the day.

      True, that boat has already sailed. I replaced the 4-piece band that used to follow me around with an iPod. It saves tons on train fares.

      Don't underestimate it, drummers are being outright replaced in the studio environment by high quality drum machines, orchestras are getting replaced by specialised film score orchestration software and live instrumentalists have been replaced live since the inception of the electronic drum machine.

    Computer Programmers?

    But if the computers start programming themselves then we have skynet!

      It is actually more likely but doing so will spawn a new range of jobs
      It is basically the base level programming that will get phased out. A system analyst will be able to say I need an application that does this in a pseudo code and the application will take care of it.

      It is basically the next advance from binary, to assembly to c to c# to whatever this is

      Last edited 31/03/14 4:42 pm

    I think Automation Engineers are safe (ie me)

    My work could definitely be automated, but the fact that my work will always need a gatekeeper due to risk management issues means I’ll be fine.

    Yeah, but whose going to build the robots? Robots, highly unlikely

    I am a student, and do you think they'll replace students as well??? (seriously)

    So designers won't get replaced by robots, but I bet we'll still get paid shit, while our robo-manager buys another cyber yacht or whatever robots do on their off time.

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