The Most Badass Weapons In Final Fantasy

As cool as the Buster sword and Gunblades are, they're not the only memorable weapons in Final Fantasy, you know.

IGN here walks us through their pick of the 15 coolest weapons in Final Fantasy, though I'm curious as to what y'all would vote as the best weapons in the game. Mind, I don't mean in terms of sheer power — weapons with good designs are also eligible too. I'm fond of Quistis' Chain Whip, because let's face it, whips are one of the coolest weapons around. Ivy from Soul Calibur, the explorer in Spelunky, and Indiana Jones all use whips. Ergo, whips are amazing.

Let us know what some of your favourite weapons in the franchise are by using the following format:

Weapon, Game Title

[image, ideally 636x358]

Why is this weapon the most badass? What do you like about it, what makes it so awesome?

15 Coolest Weapons in Final Fantasy [IGN]


    Gunblade is the best weapon. I don't even need to watch the video.

      Clearly. Gunblade is like.... a gun and a blade! I mean, slice-pow, what's not to love?

        gunARM, that you uppercut AND SHOTGUN someone with, at the same time, also comes with a hardcore badass guy attached who isnt a 1 dimensional emo douchebag like squall.

        Last edited 19/03/14 5:44 pm

    Indeed,Swords are badass and well adding a gun to a sword does = ultimate weapon

      What about a gun halberd? Gunlance?

        Why not twin gunshields?

          Gunblade-arms and cannon(?)hammers?

          Last edited 19/03/14 11:35 am

    Best weapon is clearly Cid's Mop in FFVII.

    Cool how they went through each game, but were there no decent weapons in FF12...?

      There's nothing particularly memorable about the weapons in FF12 though I always had a real soft spot in that game for the Defender greatsword, attack was great and the block stat was almost as good as a shield. Oh and Fran's bows were pretty awesome but I reckon that's got more to do with Fran than the bows themselves :-P

    Clearly the best weapon in Final Fantasy has to be Omega Weapon from FF8.

    thats not the buster sword :(

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