The Newest Steam Controller, Detailed

Seems like Valve’s Steam Controller has been evolving since the minute they first showed it to us. The latest version adds more conventional face buttons along with the big, already-iconic touchpads. It’s being put through its paces at GDC this week. Let’s see how this puppy performs, shall we?

The video above comes from tech/cool stuff blog Tested and features Valve’s Scott Dalton running down the functionality of and changes to the Steam Controller . Dalton says that the current prototypes have been 3D-printed and built by hand. They also feature customisable haptics options so players can get the feedback that works best for them. It’s a fairly deep dive into a gamepad unlike any other, so if you’re curious about what Valve’s trying to accomplish, do watch the whole thing.

[Via Reddit]


  • I feel as if i know these controllers inside and out by now after watching those hour long valve dev videos

    • Maybe so, but I feel a controller HAS to have buttons as an option. Most people are not ready to move on and embrace something radically different yet.

      I had a hard enough with NBA 2K14 discarding the option of using buttons to shoot in favour of an all analogue stick shooting mechanic. In fact, it’s the primary reason why I have barely played it compared to hundreds of hours on 13. I simply do not feel like the response is there with such a crucial game element.

      (Don’t get me started on my beloved NHL series which went that way years ago!)

      • A great reply. I think the part to me that truly looks bad is the ‘dpad’ bit. That just doesnt strike me as workable. But then, as 4 more buttons i guess it does.

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