The Paintings Of Minecraft Screenshots Are Spectacular

When we think of Minecraft we think of creativity, but we mostly think of creativity from within Minecraft. Griffsnuff's Minecraft paintings represent outside of the box thinking. Literally. They are outside of the Minecraft sandbox. Griffsnuff takes Minecraft screenshots, then attempts to paint the. The results are spectacular.

The above painting, for example, was of the below screenshot.

This is Griffsnuff's latest...

From this screenshot:

You can check out more of Griffsniff's top notch work here.


    Someone please turn this into a mod.


      Yes please! Mod please!

      Then I'd start playing...

    You can check out more of Griffsniff’s top notch work here.

    I see what you did there :)

    Last edited 13/03/14 3:36 pm

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