This Is The Real PlayStation 'Origin Story'

PlayStation's 'Origin Story' Is Today's Funniest Video

If you thought you knew how Ken Kutaragi, onetime CEO of Sony, turned the PlayStation into a success, you were way wrong. This is the real story:

Comedy group Mega64 have outdone themselves with this one. Don't miss the top-secret Kutaragi cameo at the end.

(Top gif via NeoGAF)


    Not that it is really on topic...

    But I hate it when people have a go at Ken, the guy was instrumental in the development of not only the entire Playstation brand, but as an engineer at Sony he was instrumental in the development of many technologies that are used in every day life (Like LCDs). The man is a genius, who clearly was much better with a soldering iron and research targets than he ever was with people in general.

    wow. Can't Believe the Mega 64 Guys got Ken Kutaragi Involved in this. Awesome!

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