The PS4 Gets The Ultimate Version Of PixelJunk Shooter

The PS4 Gets The Ultimate Version Of PixelJunk Shooter

In my opinion, Q-Games’ PixelJunk Shooter and Shooter 2 are the best twin-stick shooters on the PlayStation 3. Later this year, Double Eleven is combining both into PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate for the PS4 and Vita. Here are nine reasons it will be even best-ier than before.

Richard Snowdon from the Double Eleven production team laid out the improvements being made to the combined games before hitting the PS4 and Vita this summer over at the PlayStation Blog. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Improved graphics — the game looks really sharp
  2. A 3D Ship — replacing the original 2D ship with a 3D model allows for more fluid motion and takes advantage of the game’s new real-time lighting
  3. 60 Frames-per-second on the PS4 — so smooth
  4. It runs on the Vita — fluid dynamics is hard, yo
  5. A single, seamless experience — all the new features from Shooter 2 are woven into the first game
  6. A smaller HUD — more room for eye candy
  7. Cross play — play on Vita or PS4 or both at the same time
  8. Cross save — save on anything
  9. New scoring system — what’s a scoring system?

Sounds good to me! I’ve already played through both, but these upgrades are more than enough to get me to give it another go.


  • I love these games, definitely be a re-buy when I eventually get a PS4. 2d fluid dynamics does so much for me.

  • Oh God will I be all over this, loved both games…

    There is still a problem with it though, this isn’t PixelJunk Eden!

  • Loved both these games, pure fun.

    Can someone advise what is next in the Pixel Junk series? Haven’t heard anything since Pixel Junk 4am.

  • Fluid dynamics is hard? I thought it was supposed to be not hard.

    Yeah, apologies for that. Except, not really.

    I suppose they’ll be starting the leaderboards from scratch for the new game. Damn, all my work to get into the top 100!

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