The Shortest Video Game Interview You’ll Ever Need To Read

The Shortest Video Game Interview You’ll Ever Need To Read

Our GDC cartoonist Elizabeth Simins got to interview Peter Molyneux earlier today. Most Peter Molyneux interviews you will see involve loads of text, or video, or audio. This one involves a comic.

It really captures the quirks of interviewing someone professionally; you’re expecting a very business-like procedure to take place, but it’s the little things that, like anyone else you’re meeting for the first time, make as much of an impression as the official answers to your official questions.

Writer/artist Elizabeth Simins will be hanging out at GDC all week, filing comic strips each day to chronicle her adventures at the show.

We’ll be running her GDC strips all week at Kotaku to give you something of a GDC comic strip diary. You’ll also be able to find them under the tag Game Developers Comics 2014.


  • They should talk to Gabe Newell next if they really want a short interview.

    ES: So, tell me about Half Life 3 🙂

    GN: ……….

    • “……….”

      That’s 10 dots. Newell = 6 characters. 10 dots – 6 characters = 4 characters. 4 characters divided by characters in ‘Gabe’ = 1. 1 x 3 = 3.


  • I thought the story would be about the assumption that girls aren’t core gamers. Someone tell Patricia!

    • hey Patricia, check this out! some douchebag is trying to make a statement on feminism in gaming and it isn’t working out too well!

      • God, I’m not even sure if that’s an attack or not now. This topic, and peoples volatile reactions to it one way or another, are perplexing. Sorry if I’ve misread your response, but I have some downvotes and feel the need to clarify.

        For the record I have no issue with Patricia’s coverage of feminism in gaming. Merely an observation that she seems to be the resident Kotaku journalist who focuses on it.

        It was just a joke that Molyneux had stated that he could play core games with casual gamers like his girlfriend, and that nobody had jumped on the statement yet crying injustice. It reminds me of when one of the Borderlands devs said they had created a girlfriend character build.

        • sorry to cause offense if it was just an honest observation, but it was basically a kneejerk reaction to the multitude of MRA gamers spewing shit on all games new sites. it’s hard to find any comments section that doesnt have at least one sexist neckbeard moaning on about some sort of inequality (read – the beginnings of actual equality) in the gaming community and industry.

  • I love it. I respect Peter Molyneux so much. he shaped quite a lot of my childhood.

      • I was referring to the Bullfrog days. So i think i might be a little bit older than you 🙂

        Populous 🙂 Sydicate 🙂 Dungeon Keeper 🙂 Theme Hospital 🙂 Theme Park 🙂 good days.

        • hah! I remember playing Populous, but I must have been single digits. Fable was 12-13. That was the game that really got me into RPG’s though.

  • Is this a real interview? Maybe I’m just behind the times or maybe Molyneux is a little out of touch because a lot of “hardcore” gamers do play with “casuals”, and it’s a little depressing to think that people are saying enabling chat leads to bullying now. You get enough diversity in any group of people and at least two of them will generate sparks.

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