The Six Types Of Collectors In Skyrim

The Six Types Of Collectors In Skyrim

Everyone has a style or approach to item collecting in Skyrim — there's too much stuff packed into the game for that not to be the case. Maybe you collect buckets. Maybe you sell everything right away. Maybe you never, ever get rid of anything.

Whatever it is you do, chances are you fall somewhat close to one of the six types of packrats described in this great comic by Dorkly:

The Six Types Of Collectors In Skyrim

I kind of wish I collected butterfly wings now after looking at this, because there's something amazing/awful about ripping them apart mid-air.

...Skyrim makes you do weird things, ok? Anyway: which of these describes you best — or do you have a different style/approach to items in Skyrim? Let us know in the comments!

You can check out more Dorkly comics here.


    In oblivion i collected EVERY piece of jewellery in the entire game (350+ hours) and placed it ALL in my house. (i'd already completed EVERY quest in the game so was the natural step)
    The problem with this was that the collisions were real bad in oblivion so the few times i entered that house the jewels would trigger a massive aneurysm in my PC, they would start flying around as soon as i entered and my frame rate dropped to 1 frame a minute until the game crashed.

    In oblivion i also collected every piece of cutlery and threw them into the water of the city that had the river through the centre.

    In Skyrim i collected Torches, then i lit and threw them into the mote of one of the castles, there was roughly 900+ torches all alight in a mote filled with water, was rather pretty (if not a little physics defying)

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    I collected cheese and put it all in Lydia's room to try and win her affections but she just kept sitting there reading that damn book :-(

    I collect all the alcohol and then GO to town, drink it all and see how many guards I can fight............what's this skyrim thing??

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    Currently playing my 2nd character, Vigdis who is basically a paladin (opposite to my first character, Draekin, who is a sneaking, thieving, murdering scoundrel).
    Vigdis only takes items to sell that have a weight to value ratio of at least 1 to 5. All other items must be useful to her.

    Still very tempted to do another playthrough without weapons like this guy, although maybe with less cursing...
    ....until my PS3 drops the framerate by 80%....

    First time I played, I was the type of guy that defeated Alduin in iron armour and then put the game away. Started playing again earlier this year, and thanks to some broken mods I've installed, the main quest bugged and Delphine won't leave Dragonsreach... which I only realised after sinking about 40 hours into side quests. On the one hand, I'll never get to Fus-ro-dah anyone, because I can't get the horn from her... on the other hand, I'm now in full daedric armour with dragonbone weapons, with a companion who is in the same gear, Jarl of three provinces, and have more enchanted items and jewellery than I can be bothered to sell. So, "yay", I guess.
    Anyway, I grab stuff based on weight/worth ratio. Anything worth more than 10 times its weight is going in my backpack. Books, arrows and potions of all types go in the bag. Overencumbered? Give everything I can to my follower, then loot my way back to my home in Whiterun. Books go in the drawer to the right of the bed, smithing materials in the drawer to the left, everything else goes in the chest. When I build my house, it's going to be filled with random enchanted weapons and alchemy ingredients, and every bookshelf will be filled.

    In Skyrim I was obsessed with collecting all the rare, named items (mostly weapons). Ah yes, memories of The 'Rim.

    All of the things. All of the monies. Learn the spots where you can store things to get your encumbrance up enough to hit the nearest merchant. Shuttle runs between stashes. LEAVE NO GOODS BEHIND.

    Baskets, pewter plates, potatoes, brooms... so many brooms. ALL OF THE THINGS. Anything that isn't nailed down, and have a crack at the things which are, anyway.

    After I completed the main quest and the majority of side quests I went on a hunt to collect every single unique book in the game! Some of the stuff in the books is amazing and teaches you so much more about the game!

      You could've saved yourself the trouble! ;p

    Unless its a resource I can use in crafting or an item for myself or my follower the item must be worth more than 10x it's weight or it doesn't get picked up.

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