The Sword Pokémon, Now As A Real (And Dangerous) Weapon

The Sword Pokémon, Now As A Real (And Dangerous) Weapon

Sure, some people aren't fans of Pokémon that resemble man-made objects. But having Pokémon like, say, Honedge — which resembles a medieval sword — means one thing: we can actually make these Pokémon a reality. (Without having to resort to horrific genetic experiments, I mean.)

So really, it was only a matter of time before someone came along and forged Honedge — specifically, in this case, it was master blacksmith Tony Swatton. You can watch him create it here — and then, as is typical, watch him break stuff with it. Because it's not as fun if you don't break things, obviously.

And now to wait for someone to build me a washing machine Rotom!

Pokémon Honedge - MAN AT ARMS [Awe me]


    Hellooooooo Team Rock.........myworld. Oh my...

      thats got to be the couple from that pokemon video Mark posted a week or two ago

    I came for the gif then I got sleepy

      More boob in the video, skip to 4:00 in. Better looking than the gif anyway.

    the jif sure does justice !

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