The Time True Detective's Director Made A PlayStation Commercial

The Time True Detective's Director Made A PlayStation Commercial

This PlayStation Vita commercial is nearly two years old. If you live in the United Kingdom you've probably seen it before (I don't, and haven't). I post it tonight, though, because of who made the clip: Cary Fukunaga

Continuing Sony's long tradition of hiring very talented people to make their commercials, Fukunaga directed this off the back of his success at Sundance (with Sin Nombre) and his Fassbended Jane Eyre adaptation.

He's since gone on to kick our asses with True Detective, one of the best damn TV shows ever made and whose final episode (at least for its first season, starring these characters) is about to air tonight.

I'd normally say something like "and when it's done I just won't know what to do with myself", but then, between House of Cards and the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones we're in the middle of some kind of TV show dreamtime.

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    Yet more high-calibre journalism from the masters of the craft...

    How are you watching True Detective? It's not on Netflix and it isn't available anywhere except for HBO & HBO GO.

    Video pirate outed.

    I'm not going to bag True Detective, but goddamn people need to calm down. It's an extremely, and I do mean extremely SLOW show and only from episode 5 on is it finding it's groove. Also, pretty good trailer...

      *facepalm*. By "SLOW" do you mean "has lots of interesting dialogue and character development and very little driving fast cars off buildings and exploding helicopters"? :P

      You're gonna love Twin Peaks.

    How in shit is a PlayStation trailer from Feb in 2012 news in March of 2014? Because the same director made a show that took down HBO's servers? This is old as Tutankhamen's balls.

    Last edited 10/03/14 5:09 pm

      Because True Detective is awesome.

    That is interesting. Thanks for posting

    Shown in Australia as well. I quite liked the series of ads.

    TV Show "dreamtime" is a bit of a rich way to put it.

    Consider this: Presently I have only a Telstra 3G internet connection hot-spotted from my iPhone. So you know, no internet.
    I have no Foxtel (and will have no Foxtel).
    This leaves me Freeview. Normally I wouldn't watch Television at all, but no Internet.

    When was the last time anyone sat down to watch what's currently showing on Freeview at any one time? Seriously, I have to resort to ABC News 24's Question Time in order to find some kind of entertainment during the day. (For anyone wondering, the entertainment value is figuring out just how the LNP will blame the "Carbon Tax" for whatever question was asked.)

      HEY MAN, freeview ain't all that bad. coupla weekends ago I was treated to Addams Family and Road Trip, back to back

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