The Video-Game People You Should Be Following On Twitter

The Video-Game People You Should Be Following On Twitter

If you’re into video games, you might also be on Twitter. But sometimes it can seem like there are too many people to follow. So much noise, so little information! Fear not, we’re here to help.

Below, find our list of Twitter feeds you should follow.

Indie Game People

Molleindustria Maker of some of the most consistently interesting, provocative games you can play.

Terry Cavanagh The guy behind Super Hexagon and other wonderful distractions.

Chris Remo Journalist-turned-game developer with no shortage of opinions on everything from video games to noir cinema.

Christine Love Maker of Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus, lots of thoughts on sex and games and anime.

Matthew Burns Maker of Starbloom and Planck and one of the sharpest, funniest people in video games.

Rami Ismail Co-developer of Ridiculous Fishing, plenty of interesting thoughts on the current state of indie gaming.

Merritt Kopas Designer of provocative games like Consensual Torture Simulator, frequent tweeter of odd marginalia, unafraid to shut fools down.

Brandon Boyer Chair of the Independent Games Festival, a one-stop-shop for interesting and beautiful video game stuff.

Doug Wilson Designer of Johann Sebastian Joust, frequent opinion-haver, interesting, esoteric games stuff.

Erin Robinson Currently working on Gravity Ghost, sharer of bad puns, good jokes and cool indie concept art.

Bennett Foddy QWOP and GIRP mastermind, unafraid to say what he thinks about pretty much anything.

Triple-A Development People

Hideo Kojima The man behind Metal Gear. Highly entertaining Tweets.

John Carmack Probably the smartest human being working on video games, or possibly on anything.

Vince Zampella Leading the charge on Titanfall and answering a lot of player questions directly on Twitter.

Ben Cousins Sharp observations on the games industry at large.

Aaryn Flynn GM of BioWare Edmonton & Montreal, always a good source of info for fans of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

John Ricciardi Co-founder of 8-4, lots of great Tweets about Japanese games.

Shane Bettenhausen Sony’s indie guy, a great source for info about cool new indie games for PS4 and Vita.

Anthony Burch Writer of Borderlands 2 and generally nifty dude. Brother to Ashly Burch.

Ashly Burch Voice actor and writer, played Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2. Sister to Anthony Burch.

Cliff Bleszinski One of the most opinionated dudes making games, now unleashed from corporate overwatch.

Rhianna Pratchett Writer for games like Overlord, Mirror’s Edge, and Tomb Raider, all around cool person.

Darby McDevitt Lead writer on Assassin’s Creed IV, smart dude, knows a lot about Ireland.

The Suits

Marc Whitten An Xbox bigwig who frequently shares interesting tidbits about the console.

Phil Spencer Another Xbox big shot who spills some good stuff from time to time.

Shuhei Yoshida The head of Sony’s gaming division has a surprisingly open and engaging Twitter presence.

Peter Moore Enjoyably outspoken EA COO who’s happy to talk to fans and detractors alike.

Larry Hyrb, AKA Major Nelson Xbox’s main spokesman offers a great way to keep up to date on Xbox news.


Ian McQue Killer sketches, works in progress, other art.

Sparth Fine art from the Halo series’ art director.

InsanelyGaming Purveyor of‘s comics, art, illustrations, etc.

Olly Moss A cool dude who makes good art and frequently tweets it.


Al Swearengen If you’re curious what the notoriously profane owner of Deadwood’s Gem saloon would be like as a game developer, well…

lawblob Jokes on jokes on jokes.

Duncan Fyfe Erudite weirdness, often related to the world of video games.

Peter Molydeux An excellent parody of noted game developer and idea-haver Peter Molyneux.

Fake Kaz Hirai Surely one of the best parody accounts in all of gaming; whoever runs this knows what they’re doing.

Official Feeds

Steam_Games News on Steam games, network updates and sales.

Nintendo of America Good natured-tweets from the nice people at Nintendo of America.

Bethesda The official feed of the Skyrim folks, with lots of fun fan art and creations.

Rockstar Games If you want fast updates on Grand Theft Auto, this is the place.

PlayXBLA Official updates from Microsoft on Xbox and Xbox One games.

PlayStation Official updates from Sony and links to updates to their excellent official blog.

Critics And Journalists

Geoff Keighley The man with the inside scoop, Keighley frequently tweets or teases big-time exclusives on Twitter.

Leigh Alexander Never boring, tweets about games, the games industry, and increasingly, Netrunner.

Anita Sarkeesian On-point tweets and retweets focused mostly on women in games and other media.

Superannuation Industry snooping from Kotaku‘s own game-industry sleuth. Rumours, deductions, and very educated guesses, never not entertaining.

Wario64 One of the best guys to follow for quick heads-ups on video game deals, also shares plenty of other interesting stuff.

David Brothers Tweets about comics, music and games, lots of sharp observations about race in media.

Ian Bogost You never know quite what you’re going to get with Bogost, but chances are itll be entertaining and at least tangentially video-game-related.

Michael Pachter Gaming’s most famous finance analyst, the guy who makes the predictions everyone loves to talk about.

Chris Kohler Frequent, sharp insights into the games industry, occasional discussions of animated Disney movies.

Kotaku Staffers

Kotaku Australia Our official feed, gaming news and other fun stuff 24/7.

Mark Serrels Stephen Totilo Tina Amini Kirk Hamilton Brian Ashcraft Luke Plunkett Mike Fahey Jason Schreier Evan Narcisse Owen Good Patricia Hernandez Chris Person Steve Marinconz Richard Eisenbeis Leo Witchowski

Make your suggestions below, and please include a category and an explanation of what the person tweets/why they’re worth following.


    • I sometimes wonder if real Kaz had to give his account to Sony PR, and started the Fake Kaz account just for shits…

  • James Spafford @thespaff from Media Molecule is pretty interesting too… Well if “evil robot me is scouting for loots.” is interesting to you that is.

  • I had to stop following Antia Sarkeesian. Her tweets were such click and troll-bait.

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