These May Be The 10 Worst Game Consoles Ever

Who's up for a good argument? All of us, probably, and AllTime10s has made a list of what they believe to be the ten worst game consoles ever made that we can fight over today.

One or two of these are so bad I hadn't heard of them, but most are quite notorious, with the no. 1 worst console being the most notorious of them all. I'm sure you can guess what it is.

This is, of course, all the opinion of AllTime10s, and not anyone at Kotaku. But argue away anyway. I'll start: the Sega 32x is too low on the list.

Now, it's up to one of you to give a logical argument for why the Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One belongs on the list.


    10. Apple Pippin
    9. Laser Active
    8. Action Max
    7. Phillips CD-i
    6. 3DO
    5. Sega 32X
    4. Atari Jaguar
    3. Gizmondo
    1. Nintendo Virtual Boy

      Thank you.

        Hey, the Jag had AvP, which was the best game on any console at the time.

        True, other than that the games were mostly shite, but it was worth it for AvP.

          AvP and Tempest. Two very good reasons to have a Jag.

          Closest thing to a 3DO I've got is a 3DO Blaster. Unfortunately don't have the pre-req Creative CDROM and 486 to set it up :(

            I would kill for a 3do blaster! I actually liked the 3DO, has a unique port of Wing Commander 3, and Super Wing Commander on it is quite good (The Super Street Fighter 2 turbo port is FANTASTIC). The console was ahead of it's time and way too expensive for mortal man.

            Last edited 11/03/14 1:26 pm

      thankyou sooo much for this!!!!

    Hooo, about to throw a 3DO with 61 games on eBay and pray I can make more than $50 ;)

    I always thought the Jaguar was supposed to be the worlds first 64 bit console (although technically running two 32bit processors) and the 3do had more than 1 controller port you just had to daisy chain them together.

      correct... this video is incorrect with those details...

      the jaguar advertising constantly mentioned 64bit and you most certainly can daisy chain 3do controllers... i know because i have one (and a jaguar lol)

    An add-on counts as a console?

    Obligatory Virtual Boy defence: I don't know anyone who has actually gotten a headache from using it, myself included. Also there were at least two "true" 3D games for it, in Red Alarm and 3D Tetris. Can't argue with the neck strain part though, that stand they gave you was way too short and the only way to comfortable use it is to make an adjustable one of your own. Still, doesn't deserve the number one spot on any of these lists.

      You need to get waterworld for virtualboy

        Oh I have it. It's kinda hilarious. And actually pretty decent-looking, too.

        I would contend that Golf is a much worse game. The manual for it is so horribly bland, boring and verbose.

      I love my VB. Think it copped a bad wrap because of the limited release and the lack of portability, but it's still a fun little system to play. I've only ever gotten one headache from it, but I'd drunk half a bottle of bourbon by that point so I suspect that may have been the culprit ;)

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