Thief’s First PC Patch Is Out Now

Thief’s First PC Patch Is Out Now

Thief‘s first PC patch is out now. It’s supposed to fix some crash issues and optimise memory usage. If you’ve been playing on PC, has the game been working all right for you?


  • Once I got the new amd beta drivers it ran very very well. Do get an odd stutter which this patch will solve hopefully.

    Game gets good once it gets going.

  • Game runs perfectly for me so far (chapter 5). I love that triple screen is set up so easily in this game and the ui isnt completely buggered and stretched! (it all remains in the centre)

  • The PC port for this game is excellent only issues I’ve run into are some voice synch problems

    Side note. I’m having a blast with the game itself. Even though I don’t really support review scores (this actually is a prime example of why) I believe a 69 on Metacritic is overly critical of what is essentially a great game and moreover a great stealth game

  • No issues with gameplay or FPS whatsoever. I haven’t encountered any bugs, at least not on my ROG G750JX.

    • Unsurprisingly it seems most of the bugs are being experienced by those playing on consoles
      Props to devs Nixxes who did the pc version

  • I have found some small bugs like a few invisible walls in pathways. But otherwise a good experience. It does feel a bit retro, maybe it is because the game poses a challenge unlike modern stealth games (*cough* Blacklist *cough*).

  • I’m running it maxed out at 1920×1080. Win8.1 plus this game uses 2.6GB VRAM on the graphics card.

    If you’re getting stuttering with a 2GB card, try lowering textures and filtering.

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