This Is Bear Simulator.

This is Bear Simulator. The developers describe it as "Basically it's a game where you explore while being a bear." Back it on Kickstarter.


    Seems kinda... F***ING AMAZING, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE NOW!!!

    Unless there is a hotkey to make my bear yell "I'M A FUCKING BEAR!" I'm not interested.

    I want to steal picnic baskets.

    The honey stealing was rad though

    Not enough coke:

      or wilfred.... [maybe NSFW?]

    Haha wow. It actually looked more interesting than i'd thought.

    I know its just a very early video, but realistically it needs to have the proper perspective of a bear lol.. This is just some bear claw skin put on a human model lol

      They said right at the start of the video that bipedal mode was only for testing, and that actual release would have proper four legged movement...

        Yeah but why watch a video before criticising it? That's no fun...

          Haha, didn't pay that much attention. I should have given Bear Simulator the attention it deserves!!

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    I think we need a new genre of simulator. Something like joke simulator?

    Simulator Simulator: where you simulate someone playing a crappy simulator. Why? Because Simulators about stupid crap are soooooo in right now. Jump on the bandwagon like every other loser Dev hoping for a piece of the pie and back us on kickstarter now.

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    When I was Yosemite last year I got to see the interesting video's of bears breaking into car and stealing food out of them. Maybe that will be in the DLC add-on.

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    I really hope there's an option to sneak up on campers while they're sleeping and maul the shit out of them.

    The stiff bear arms make it look like it's flying. SUPERBEAR

    That ending was scary as fuck. You can even see a hooman hiding in the trees off to the right at 2:25

    Makes me want to fire up that old gem. Enviro-Bear 2000

    It actually looks surprisingly polished for an alpha from a one-man developer.

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