This Is Not The Lego: The Hobbit Trailer You Were Expecting

Go ahead and guess how this trailer for the upcoming PS4/PS3/WiiU/XboxOne/Xbox360/PC/Vita/3DS game is going to play out. You'll probably guess wrong. Well-played Lego marketing people.

Hopefully this game can be good despite being the third major Lego game since October. The last two, Lego Marvel Superheroes and The Lego Movie Video game were terrific.


    Ok, that was actually pretty good

    This is one Lego game that I am not feeling at the moment... given the release of the final movie later this year, you would think they would release the game closer to the movie.

    Alas, like the The Hobbit movies they are padding the game out, as this game is only supposed to feature events of the first 2 Hobbit movies, so there is a high chance of a second Lego Hobbit game later this year or early next.

    I'm finding this frustrating considering the Lego LOTR games jammed 3 movies into the one game, which as we know has FAR more source material than just The Hobbit, yet the Hobbit is going to get two.

    The trailer didn't do much for me and I'm a lotr fan.

    Not at all what I was expecting but hilarious, good to see they aren't taking themselves too seriously :)

    Pretty rad trailer but I think I'll pass. I 100% cleared Lego Star Wars and briefly touched the Harry Potter one, but then took a break from the series. Now playing through Lego Marvel Heroes or whatever and while I'm enjoying it (especially the mixing of the movies, comic and cartoons) I can't believe how little the games have actually changed! How can they keep pumping out the same thing over and over? Who is making these games, Capcom?? KOEI?? Oh man... Dynasty Warriors Lego.... actually, I'd totally play that.

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