This Is The Latest Steam Controller

This Is The Latest Steam Controller

Valve just sent us this image, a more clear depiction of the latest Steam Controller prototype that they detailed back in January. Likely in the interest of backward compatibility, this latest prototype has eight clear buttons on the front, which will doubtless make it easier for the controller to support Xbox 360-style XInput controls.

It will be at Valve's booth at GDC next week, where I'll be sure to check it out.

The full two-part image Valve sent, for the sake of comparison:

This Is The Latest Steam Controller

For more on Valve's process designing the controller, check out this Q&A with one of the project's designers.


    Looks better.

    Considering Valve have just recently added music playback to Steam (with video support to come) I think it would be good to have some dedicated media controls on there. Maybe up the top, flush with the top edge.

      Music playback? This is the first I've heard of that, tell me more.

        It was brought up in the AMA thing in reddit, they just said they were 'working on something we'll like' or some such. Could be some time before we even see anything though.

          Actually I'm in the music beta now, it's been running for the past month, it plays everything I've thrown at it but its limited to Big Picture Mode for the time being.

          Here's a link to the community page:

          Just join the group and you should get an invite before long.

    No dpad makes diagonals a bit annoying.

      It would make more sense to use the touchpads for directional input, rather than the buttons. Which would hopefully be more accurate than a traditional dpad.

        in theory that would work, in practice it *sucks* for fighting games and such that require tactile controls and comination of presses quickly.

          True, but really, all game pads suck for fighting games. Can't beat an arcade stick!

            Nah the PS2 pad was awesome for it :D but yes, no pad will EVER beat an arcade stick. Ever.

    Are their triggers? or bumpers? i cant tell

    It would be funny if after all the iterations the controller ends up just being a mouse and keyboard.

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