This JB Hi-Fi Titanfall Set-Up Might Beat The Last One...

Earlier today we posted this: a gloriously bad/awesome handmade in-store Titanfall display made out of cardboard boxes and tinfoil. Since then a couple of JB employees have sent us pics of what they did with their store. The one at JB Westgate in New Zealand might be the best one so far...

Yep. This was actually handmade by the team at JB. According to Tom, the in-store 'games guy', the team spent about a week working on it with "lots of late nights and overtime" involved in putting it together.

Well done to the entire team. The previous display (which turned out to be from New Lynn, also based in New Zealand — step it up Australia!) had a unique home-made charm, this one looks legitimately professional!

Thanks Tom for sending it in!


    Wow wish my jb did stuff like this, only thing it has going for it is that all the staff are all cute girls

      I've got a steady supply of sex and sandwiches because of JB. Read: I met my gf there, she was pretty cute also.

        If I only had courage to ask one out

          You see the last article from Dr Nerdlove? Should read it, it relates heavily. tl;dr ask her to a social outing, then ask out.

          As for the courage part.... good luck. :)

        What about these sandwiches you speak of?

          Just ate one at work. Chicken and salad, with aioli. Mmm. :)

    why do his knee plates look so unhappy :'(

    I have an unbelievable urge to rodeo this thing.

    Clearly the NZ JB Hi-fis have less to do than the Aussie ones... :P

    @markserrels get the distributor to send you out some promos and set a comp for us to make our own out of cardboard :p

    Seems like supplier run competition for stores. Tis how I went to E3

    Haha wooo. We're internet famous :D

    Good work Jen

    i work at a jb in Perth, to much REAL work todo to have time to stuff around making silly things like this and the fact the pay utter crap (well that just retail) and don't let you hire extra staff because the "budget" doesn't let them, yet we have people walking out the stores beacuse we don't have staff to serve them.

      Bitter much? Move on my friend. No one is forcing you to work for JB!
      I've worked at a store where there was a guy dedicated to these kind of in store displays. He did it all in his own time by staying back late and coming on his days off. If you read all of the article, you would have seen that the games guy did lots of overtime and late nights to get it done.

    holy crap! my local JB!
    I walked past this thing loads and was impressed each time.
    Top marks to all the crew there :D

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