This Man Is About To Hit 1 Million Gamerpoints On Xbox LIVE

I remember years ago, in my magazine days, I ran a story about the Australian gamers with the largest gamerscore. One of the questions we asked was this: would it be possible to hit 1 million points. Back then the answer was a resounding no. But today, it might just happen.

The world record holder for the largest gamerscore is Stallion83. At this precise moment in time, at time of writing, he is sitting at a gamerscore of 999410. He is 590 points away from 1 million. He could legitimately hit that mark in the next day or so. It is going to happen.

In fact, Stallion83 is livestreaming right this second. Head here to watch history in the making.


    If he does it, Microsoft should give him an actual platinum trophy, just to take the piss out of sony a little.

    - People with no sense of irony whatsoever.

      Some people have used my gamer points as "rebutals" for me being wrong. Weird how they affect people.

      Please explain the irony in that statement.

        People who play video games have traditionally been viewed as losers by people not interested in video games.

        Now people who play video games and hang out on a video game news website are making comments about some guy having no life because he plays more games than they do.

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          "You are more than one standard deviation away from the mean (by which I mean me), you are clearly incorrect or weird in some way!"

            And then we'll down vote people who point out what a bunch of hypocrites we are!

          I'm just jealous and wish I had more time then he does to play games >:

            Me too. I've been in the mid-40k range for like a year.

          That doesn't at all sound like rain on your wedding day. Not ironic at all :p

        Well it is like raaaaaaaaain on your wedding day.

      Look, I get maybe 2 hours a night to play games, have been playing 360 since 2010 and in those 3 and a bit years have amassed about 25,000 Gamerscore.

      Exactly how much time do you have to devote to accumulate a score 40 times as large??

        You're implying he must play games 40 times as much to have a score that high, which indicates extremely poor reasoning.
        He's probably been at it since 2005 when the 360 launched, for a start, which gives him a 5 year head start on you. You're also assuming that he plays games the same way you do, which means sitting down and playing something a couple of hours a night. If you pick the right games and are alright at them, 10k is something you can knock over in a couple of days of concerted effort (as evidenced by a bet Burnie Burns challenged Geoff Ramsey to back in 2010 on the rooster Teeth podcast - and that was without Geoff being able to re-use games on his already respectable gamertag).
        This guy is known for having the highest gamerscore. That's his challenge. While other people spend months one a game like Dark Souls to 100% it, he's used that time to finish 50 different games.
        He plays games differently to others. That doesn't make him wrong. Apparently he has a pretty balanced lifestyle, which is more than I can say for myself and my gamerscore is only 48k.

          I doubt that very much, I have a friend like him on my XB live account, all he does is go to EB grab a game and then try to earn points takes it back then grabs another (He has done this for years he doesn't actually own any games, I'm shocked they haven't told him to fob off or what). As far as I can tell he's closer to a junkie than a gamer all he does is work game then sleep deprive himself before working again and has been doing this for as long as I can remember with a score near 300k atm i think.

          I'm not going to go and say he or the person near 1 mil don't "enjoy" what they do or what ever. But I hate achievements I was just like these guys within the first year or 2 of the 360 I had over 30k points (which at the time was rather staggering compared to most). But It didn't take long to realise that it was just physch BS and that I real wasn't even enjoying the games anymore they were just another checklist in my hobby and making me do things and play in ways i really didn't give shits about.

          So in that sense I can say for 100% certain they are not enjoying what they do ALL the time. Because they even play horrible horrible games to get these scores just for the points. The other point that this person has a balanced life is equally unlikely. To have amassed such a score the person would need to have completed close to every game made for the machine, even over a period of 8 years, assuming they work/school 40 hrs a week and sleep 7-9Hrs a night (because if your not you are not sleeping enough which means not a balanced life style, (obvious exceptions for the few % that need 2-3-4-5 etc)). They would need to speed multiple hours every single work day and probably all their free times hunting points.

          I suppose my point is, It all sounds rather unlikely, but if he does lead a healthy life and enjoys even hunting for shit achievements in shit games then all the more power to him.

    I would be interested to read a profile on the guy. Does he just play for hours a day, or does he have hobbies, a family, a career?

    Apparently he has a wife, job, keeps fit ect

    Good for him!

      So where does he find the time?

        I've always been pretty sceptical of this guy. I've always thought that he'd have to have people playing for him while he's sleeping and shit, so he can keep it going 24 hours a day.

        I find it very hard to believe that he's got a score that high legit all by himself. I think I play a fair amount of video games and consider myself to be a bit of an achievement whore, and it's taken me about 6 years to get to 133,000.

          I read a story about this a few years ago and people like this collaborate on forums to find which games have the easiest points to get and they often skip the harder achievements. They also buy games based on how easy the points are to get not based on how good the game itself is.

          He would also be using guides etc to knock off the achievements quicker than someone who is simply having a crack at it themselves.

    A website for gamers, with comments from gamers, who are bagging out another gamer, for playing games. Wouldn't bag the guy, if he enjoys what's he's doin, let him.

      Not really, its more like casual drinkers bagging on the alcoholic in the corner, if you want a proper comparison.

        No it's like casual drinkers making fun of guy who has 1 or 2 extra beers than them but still lives a happy normal life.

          No its not because most people have less than 100k points, which does not equate to 1 or 2 beers. He is basically the most alcoholic alcoholic in the world if you wanted to be really technical, the negative connotation of an alcoholic is irrelevant to the metaphor too. Which is probably the reason you seem to disagree while being vehemently incorrect.

            The negative connotation towards a acholoic isn't irrelevant when your implying what he did is negative. Also the comparison between him and an acholoic implies that his life is somehow worse off because of him doing this but that's untrue when his life isn't ruined by this.

              You have functioning alcoholics too, so again, BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ incorrect. :P

                That's true but that's not what your implying so I am correct in my assessment of your analogy.

    My ex-manager was obsessed with gamerscore, taking home the worst games and completing them that night because they had easily obtainable gamer points. It didn't matter how bad the game was, if it added to his digital pile of credibility he'd play it.
    Then, shortly after his third child was born, his wife pretty much forced him to give it up, but allowed him one last "achievement" - to get to 123,456, take a photo, and call it at that - which he eventually did, and hung up behind the counter at the store.
    I never saw the point. But as the manager of a games shop, I guess he felt he had to set the standard.

    Well he's done it, he said it has taken him 8 years, and he thanked his girlfriend for her help.

    is it hard to get that many points? genuinely dont know - not an xbl gamer.
    also, can yu do anything with them besides bragging?

      Retail games give you a max 1000 out of the box, with DLC adding 250 a pop max IIRC. XBL arcade games are 200 or something like that. And yeah, many games have stupid jerk achievements to stop you from getting the full amount, like hitting lvl 50 in a mulitplayer game or something, which is really freakin' hard if it's not a current game. Most games need organising and "boosting" with other players to make it doable in less than dozens/hundreds of hours.

      Oh and nope can't use them for anything, it's just a number. Such a tempting, desirable number... mine's at like 70k now I think. Thought I'm not getting an xbone any time soon so I've gone into withdrawals, PS4 trophies just aren't the same for some reason ;-;

      Last edited 13/03/14 8:33 pm

        Maybe use the fact trophies don't feel the same as a way to break the focus for you amd just enjoy your ps4 fpr what it is then getting all caught up in this "desirable number".
        Or not, I'm nobody and its your life :)

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