This Mighty Ape Stocktake Sale Is Definitely Mighty...

Dishonored for $12, Dead Space 3 for $19, Hitman Absolution for $14? Man, this Mighty Ape sale has some serious bargains if you feel like digging.

It seems as though they are having a stocktake sale over there and if you're looking to maybe pick up a couple of games you might have missed, it's well worth checking out. There are also a few pretty new titles on sale.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is $52 on Xbox 360, Batman: Arkham Origins is $38,

Bulletstorm is $10, and I actually enjoyed that quite a bit. Sleeping Dogs is $8.

Yep, well worth checking out.


    The 5th Freedom Edition of Splinter Cell Blacklist looks like a bit of a steal, considering I don't have it yet. Might pick that up if it's still going after pay day.

    There's definitely some decent deals in there especially if you haven't been obsessively buying everything that comes out over the last couple of years.

    The pictures PS3 headset works on PS4 too, and can be had from EB for $85-95.

    Wouldn't call it that mighty... Disney Infinity power discs for $6 where elsewhere sells them for $5 a pack? This is almost an EB Games sale where most things are brought down to the level of standard.

    "Mighty" my ass

    Pinball Arcade PS4 was $89 now $64 - I bought it last week at EB Games for $54, and via the PSN its around $44 or $22 if you are eligible for the discount

    Rayman Legends on PS4 has a WHOPPING $2 off their overpriced RRP

    Toukiden on PSVita was $89 (what planet do they live on) and is now $57?? Cheaper EVERYWHERE else on the planet - even in AU retail stores and on PSN
    Sorcery Saga was $84 - check the PSN price
    Super Monkey Ball Vita was $49, now $29 - I got it for $12 at EB games (brand new) 3 weeks ago

    Mighty fucking shit "sale"

      Notice the site you're on and the author of the article.

    For 14 beans SSX is a great buy. Played it to death when I broke my leg - the last levels kinda suck, but there are some sweet ones. New Zealand was all time.

    Scored myself some Pulse headphones. Now I can shit myself more when I get back into Outlast.

    I used to be a fan of Mighty Ape, but I haven't seen any really good deals from them in awhile now.

    is mightyape still charging $7-8 for shipping? they used to be cool... now... not so much...

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