This Titanfall Commercial Is Better Than Most Video Game Ads.

This Titanfall commercial is better than most video game ads. Of course, once the game comes out, you won't be leaving the house for nice walks as much.


    awesome but fallout 3 trailer ripoff

    Xbox One seems to be advertising all it's game with video games in real life theme. Overall, they've been pretty good.

      It reminds me a bit of the mid-late 1990’s and the constant use of CGI cutscenes to advertise games.
      I remember when games like Soul Blade came out on PS1 having mates argue that the console had better graphics than the N64 because the CGI movies were stunning.

      To be honest using real world footage instead of gameplay makes more sense now than ever, especially in Australia.

      What’s the point of using in game footage when it’s running in a lower definition than the 360/ PS3 on most Australian free-to-air channels or 480p for people who don’t want to pay a minimum of $70 a month for their Foxtel? Even the best looking new-gen game is going to look shit in SD. If we lived in a country where more than 25% of TV ran in HD then it might be worth it.

    Nice ad but it is a shame that EA & MS have gone dark regarding local servers situation for Australia.

    After working 22 years in IT I know you don't just build a massive data center without a detailed project plans with milestones and completion dates. Is Microsoft keeping quiet because they want there business customers to get priority over EA/Titanfall???

    I would like to see Kotaku Australia shed some light on this please.

      I know you don't just build a massive data center without a detailed project plans with milestones and completion dates.

      Of course, not every company feels obliged to share this information with the public. That being said, we know there are two Australian Azure datacenters scheduled for completion this year, with Sydney's construction completed last year IIRC, and Melbourne to follow. I think the highest priority in Microsoft's Azure datacenter would be Microsoft's own Azure network, not renting rack space to third parties.

      Speaking from first hand experience of the beta though, in which we played on SE Asia servers at 133ms, the game has some great netcode and wall running and gameplay felt rather smooth. Of course it's not ideal, but at the same it wasn't game breaking for my friends and I. I think a majority of us will be okay until local servers are released.

        +1 Ran the whole beta at no worse than 138ms. Often saw it at the 100ms mark. Good enough.

        Edit: should quantify. 10 mins nth of Adelaide cbd with adsl 2.
        Re-Edit: 4.5Mbps down/0.8Mbps up.

        Last edited 04/03/14 11:39 am

          yup, i get 7mbps here in perth and the beta averaged around 105-110ms. perfectly fine, never skipped a beat... sometimes a good overseas server is better than an el-cheapo aussie server

          Man... I'm about 15 north of Adelaide, and it was between 150 and 210*...
          Still had a blast & wouldn't describe it as unplayable.

          *Depending on day, time, prevailing weather patterns, internet congestion, sacrifices made to deities.

        I also got a chance to play in the Beta and I can tell my experience while good was not what I would expect from a game of this calibrate. I averaged around 150ms & upwards of 250ms. While this is great if fighting AI's it fell apart very quickly when fighting pilots who were on a 20-30ms ping. Dying around corners and having to dump a entire mag into a enemy pilot is not my idea of fun. And remember this was only a small subset of the actual player base.

        In first person shooters your ping & latency is primary to how the game plays and feels. We all know Australia isn't know for the best of internet infrastructures so to be place at a further disadvantage by the game itself seems ridiculous.

        Of course companies aren't obliged to release details of there projects but at this point the tactic of keeping quiet is probably do more harm than good. In my eyes I see keeping your community informed of whats happening is generally more successful than hiding information from them.

        How hard would it be for EA or MS to say we may have the server online for Titanfall around the Jul-Aug period??

        Last edited 04/03/14 11:30 am

      They’ve gone quiet because there’s no local servers coming anytime soon.

      It’s like the “does COD run in 1080p on the Xbone” question that took weeks to answer, because apparently the several hundred people who worked on the game weren’t aware of what resolution it ran in…..

      When you don’t get an answer, it’s because it’s bad news.
      It would take all of 15 seconds for someone at EA or MS to get that information and it’s not like they haven’t been asked.

      Microsoft are building two Aussie datacentres. The first of which will be done in Q2 IIRC. Not sure about timeline for the other, but I believe it's next financial year (eg: after June).

    I can't say this ad is good. I mean the Bioshock Infinite ad is better, Even the Assassins Creed ads for Revelations was better. This doesn't make me want to play Titanfall at all.

    > Of course, once the game comes out, you won’t be leaving the house for nice walks as much.
    > implying that I'll be playing Titanfall instead of Dark Souls II


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