This Web Site Will Count How Many Times You Died In Dark Souls

This Web Site Will Count How Many Times You Died in Dark Souls

If you've played Dark Souls for any significant amount of time, you've probably died in Dark Souls a large number of times. And now there's a site that will tell you exactly how many times. To, you know, get hyped for Dark Souls II.

To get your death number, you have to visit the Dark Souls Death Counter and upload your saved game. The site is only for the PC version (aka the best version ?) right now (this is a fan-made endeavour), but I expect the scope will broaden soon as the ability to pull saved games and game data off an Xbox 360 with a thumb drive is a built-in feature of the console's OS.

The site also has collected the data from save files folks have submitted so far to build some interesting graphs, but these are of course not representative of the entire playerbase.


    I think the real tally should be how much you rage quit, my record for dark souls II is already up to 5 and I only started playing yesterday

    Will it measure my overwhelming melancholy and sense of hopelessness?

      I'm not sure if drinking during Dark Souls will improve this or make it worse.

      Who wants to test this out?

        I can't wait for Valve to release bio-feedback controllers, maybe the game gets easier if it can tell that you're crying.

        I'm doing that with some friends, we're going to play on separate TV's and drink every time one of us dies.

          Well at least that will make an interesting Kotaku headline. 'You Died' of alcohol poisoning. Several found dead during...

            "Prepare to die.....of alcohol poisoning"

    Praising intensifies.
    Approx 50% through NG+
    Total deaths: 399
    Average deaths per playthrough: 266
    Global average: 653
    Favourite name for Ornstein and Smough: Pikachu and Snorlax

    Here I was thinking I died a lot.

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