This Week In Games: InFamous: Second Son Is Out!

Well, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has been delayed until next week, so the runway is clear for inFamous: Second Son to make its glorious next generation debut. What are you all buying this week?

Cloudbuilt (PC)

What is it? A super fast parkour/twitch/speed running experience with gorgeous art. Should you care? Yeah, I think so. It looks amazing and there's a real buzz about this one.

Danmaku Unlimited 2 (PC)

What is it? A vertical shooter that looks stupidly, stupidly hard. Should you care? Eh, probably not. But it looks fun.

Deus Ex: The Fall (PC)

What is it? This actually appeared on mobile devices first, and is now on PC. Should you care? Yeah, I guess. But a game on mobile ported to PC? Must be a smaller scale development.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster (PS3)

What is it? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! The classic Final Fantasy game remastered in HD/ Should you care? I think so, but I'm biased. This is the last Final Fantasy game I put any time into whatsoever.

inFamous: Second Son (PS4)

What is it? It's arguably the PS4's first major exclusive release. A lot of eggs in this basket. Should you care? If you have a PS4 you should absolutely care about this. Previous inFamous games were pretty great. Looking forward to this one.


What is it? A retro-style twitch racer that focuses on making you feel as claustrophobic as possible! Should you care? It has reviewed pretty well. I don't know too much about it to be honest.

Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan (PC)

What is it? A 'celt-punk' action adventure game. Should you care? I don't really like what I see to be honest. Looks a bit undercooked.

Luftrausers (PC)

What is it? A weird arcade shooter, with a unique retro art style. Like honestly unique. Not just retro. Should you care? I think this looks interesting, and it's from Vlambeer, which has a great pedigree.


What is it? Minimalist puzzle game of sorts. Should you care? I love games like this: simple design, cool puzzles. Your mileage may vary.

Men Of War: Assault Squad 2

What is it? It's a simulation/strategy game. Should you care? I know very little about this game to be honest. Head here for more info if it interests you. The original reviewed quite well if I remember correctly...

Revolution Ace (PC)

What is it? Another top down shooter? Bloody hell, there's so many of these things this week... Should you care? Doesn't look that great to me. Luftrausers looks more fun and far more original.


    Yesssss. inFamous!

      This week In... Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome Titanfall is

    Finally something to play on my ps4, Cant wait!!

      Going to have to dust off that 'ol controller. Honestly haven't used mine since December! D:

        Yeah I haven't touched my Wii U or PS4 in quite a while, between Dark Souls 2 and Titanfall my PS3 and PC are where it's at lately.

        Since December? Really? The free games available through PS+ have been pretty entertaining! I've been playing them more than Killzone.

    Would love to pick up Infamous, but funds this month are screwed already, might have to wait til April...

    Really enjoyed the first Infamous, but the second one gave me horrible motion sickness so I couldn't play past the first couple of hours. Will probably have to pass on this one :(

    Plus, the new character looks like a massive douche... Dante being a massive tosser really put me off finishing DmC, and this guy looks like he may have the same effect.

      Really??? I liked new Dante MORE than old Dante!? I felt old Dante was more of an emo douchebag than new one! lol.

      This guy just strikes me as a pissed off kid whose brother likely gets killed (I don't know if he does, it's just that cliche setup that it looks like they're going for...)

        I found new Dante much more annoying than old Dante. Of course the only DMC game I really played before this new one was the original on PS2 which was well over a decade ago. I may well have had a higher tolerance for that kind of thing in my mid-20's than I now have in my late-30's :P

          I played the originals, I bought 1 first day it came out. I suffered through the dire part 2, god it was terrible. Part 3 was awesome. Then came part 4... ugh. Loved the new remake though, thankfully it eschewed its hipster original look, loved the heavy metal soundtrack and didn't mind the new Dante at all. The original one was more of a whiney hipster than the new guy I thought.

        Really?!? Right back at you.
        For me that's like saying, Lucy Lu is more of a black man than Samuel L Jackson.

        DmC Dante was full emo, no question. That was the demographic they were going for, a brooding teen with a side part and a "che, whatever" attitude.
        Proper Dante was a smart ass who didn't need to resort to old tropes like smokes and heavy feels to be cool.
        He was a unique character in the genre for a long while, if anything DmC Dante was just lazy.
        I honestly expected more from Ninja Theory after Heavenly Sword, but they promised to revamp the series with a new twist and basically just used the existing story and gameplay with a different skin

          I don't really see him as emo. Lazy, but not emo. Even so, he shakes that off fairly quickly and starts fighting for another cause.

        While I think new Dante could have been toned down in a few areas, I didn't really find him to be a problem.

      Dante has always been a tosser, I don't know why him being a tosser in a different way can cause so much anger.

        Like I said in my other comment, I may just have had a higher tolerance threshold for tossers back then when I was in my mid 20's than I do now that I'm in my late 30's :P Getting older and grumpier.

      Delsin is voiced by troy baker who is an excellent voice actor. I don't think they'd waste his talents on a douchey character.

    Mark, thank you very much for covering all the PC drops!! Very much appreciated dude.

    Celt-punk? So do we get to play as the Dropkick Murphys or what? Flogging Molly maybe?

    Even though I barely played inFamous (which I got free after the PSN security debacle) and inFamous 2 is still sitting unopened on my shelf (gonna get to it, I swear), Second Son is the one game that I feel bad about not having a PS4 for.

      Oh dude, you REALLY should. You REALLY should. Once you get through the first hour or so of inFamous and get the skating ability it starts to fly, it's a little rough around the edges at first but when you can traverse the rails and powerlines it's great. Best comic book game ever (and it was never a comic!) The sequel then ups the ante even more! I highly recommend it! The storyline is great, with a *major* twist you wont see coming at the end and part 2 accelerates that even more with a giant gutpunch at the end of 2.

    Mark, you really should update that header image with something from this gallery

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    No one is clearly excited enough for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD.


    I must be the only one.

      Well, FFX and X-2 is a game most people are split on. Either people love it or hate it. Even for the people that do love it, not everyone would be that excited to play a game they already own again, or to buy another copy when they can just use their old one, and I doubt the people who hate it would even take the time to fart in its general direction. So it's not really that surprising that many people would be overly excited for it.

      I'm excited for the X-2 part of it. Really not up for being annoyed by Tidus, so X-2 is the way to go. I played that to death upon its original release. If Platinum Trophies had been awarded back then I would have got one. Very much looking forward to playing again, just have to get through the silly intro....

      I played it on the weekend and it really took my breath away seeing the effort they went to. I have played a lot of HD re releases and this one is just head and shoulders above the rest.

      I just stood outside the Blitz Ball stadium at the start looking at the textures on the collapsed statues thinking "wow".

      Also I some how managed to die during the introduction bit for the first time ever... If one of your characters dies but not the other the tutorial dialogue becomes very one sided.

    had FFX/X2 on preorder for a while... never played it but it looks good... getting the collectors edition for some stupid reason...

    also have infamous on order from the UK... so probably won't be playing it for at least a week or 3... i don't mind though... busy with titanfall, south park (taking my time playing it) and finally getting my character to level 60 in diablo 3 before RoS comes out... oh and i haven't finished freedom's cry yet either... damn it!

    Cant wait for infamous, having it mailed to me so hopefully it makes friday.

    severance pay from work is coming in the right week. FFX HD to pick up and inFamous :D what's that? Put severance pay towards bills? Quiet you sensible voice in my head

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