This Week In Games: South Park Is Almost Here!

Friends, I truly cannot believe it. South Park: The Stick Of Truth is out this week. It is a real life thing. You will be able to play it!

1954 Alcatraz

What is it? It's a period-based point and click adventure. Should you care? I like this resurgence of point and click games, but I'm old and nostalgic for a bygone era.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (360/PS3)

What is it? The sequel to the jack of all trades, almost master of all trades Castlevania game that came out a while back. Should you care? I played the first hour of this and was impressed. Combat is good. Very good actually.

Diehard Dungeon (PC)

What is it? Top down indie RPG with retro look. Should you care? Yeah I dunno. I honestly don't. I guess this looks like quick, pick up and play fun.

Gigantic Army (PC)

What is it? A homage to 16-bit mech shooters. Should you care? Something about the controls of this appeals to me. This could be cool.

Post Master (PC)

What is it? Oh man, finally that post office simulator I've always wanted. Should you care? This is a bit like an Sim City thing where you have to totally manage the mail. That sort of sounds weird enough to be interesting to me.

South Park: The Stick of Truth (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? Oh man, it's that South Park game! Should you care? After playing an hour of this, I'm sold. Funny, slick. It reminds me a lot of the Mario & Luigi RPG games on the DS/3DS.

Tower of Guns (PC)

What is it? Binding of Isaac meets Doom 2. That's how they're selling it! Should you care? This looks dumb as a bag of badgers. In a good way.

Year Walk (PC)

What is it? Weird looking Swedish game that blurs the line between 2D and 3D with supernatural elements. Should you care? This looks weird enough to actually be intriguing.


    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY... i've had stick of truth on order for over a year... pre-order date was 12/12/12 so kinda hard to forget... can't wait!! :D

      I watched a preview last week and couldn't help myself - collectors edition here I come. It's the most excited I've been for a game in years.

    Can't wait!
    Too much pressure...underpants gnomes...

    Everyone should play "Year Walk". It was amazing on IOS with a good set of headphones. Its short but really can mess with your head especially after you play through the epilogue of sorts.

    South Park! Shit yeah! They could release Miranda Kerr's Interactive Top-Drawer Rummaging Simulator this week and I honestly wouldn't care.

      Is that a thing that's in development... and can you link me to their kickstarter?

      Last edited 03/03/14 10:36 am

      That's a euphemism for something fun, and not actually rummaging through clothes, right? I'm so out of touch with what the kids are saying these days...

    Oh man, I'm really worried about picking up Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Reviews have been split. The developer came out and told everyone their boss was a douche. Jim Sterling was mean to it. Been thinking about canceling my pre-order and putting that towards Dark Souls 2, pick up LoD2 at a later date when it's cheaper.

    A shame because despite the criticisms I really enjoyed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1.

      Same I was a massive fan of lords of shadow, I think it may be the fact the hideo had nothing to do with this one could be part of why it wasn't as good

        He didn't really have anything to do with the first one either. Just sat down and signed some papers.

        Apparently the problem is Enric Álvarez.

      Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2 is a mixed bag. Good combat, horrible level navigation design, awesome continuation of the story if you have played both the games before it (Lords of Shadow and Mirror of Fate), textures can be a bit "meh" at times and very hard to see climb/destroy areas.

      Check out Tycho's description of it on the Penny Arcade rant today. He is more generous and gives an interesting perspective.

    I'm curious to see the crying koala part in South Park.


      I'm also interested to see if a patch will be released so we can play it as originally intended, with all the crude humor intact.

    Got my Grand Wizard edition pre-ordered. Can't wait.

    Should you care? I played the first hour of this and was impressed. Combat is good. Very good actually.

    Interesting. The Kotaku review on the flipside was not impressed by it at all:

    Last edited 03/03/14 10:52 am

      It was a US Review... That side of Kotaku barely know gaming anymore. lol

    Ship my grand wizard edition amazon!

    I guess I'll just have to freeze myself until it arrives.

    You forgot Earth Defence Force 2025!!!!

    EDF! EDF! EDF!

    Retro, retro, retro, South Park YESSSSSSS!.

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