Tiny Super Mario 64 Secrets You May Not Have Noticed

Super Mario 64 didn't skimp out on small details — take, for example, the penguins in Cool Cool Mountain. They do more than just provide you with stars, you know.

GameXplain breaks down some of the neat things you might've missed about 'em, like how the baby penguin cutely mimics Mario. Aww. Maybe I wouldn't have cruelly gone out of my way to toss the baby penguin off of the map after I got the star from its mum had I known it did this!

Cool Bits - Super Mario 64's Penguin Secrets [GameXplain]


    Ok I've never bothered to watch one of these before but HOLY CRAP THAT GUY'S VOICE IS AWFUL TO LISTEN TO

    It's like South Park's Al Gore had a lovechild with Napoleon Dynamite.

    Also had no new information to provide. Me and my friends all knew about this back when 64 was current gen :/

      I won't lie here, I always found it weird that he's the guy doing the voice overs for these. It's just so... weird sounding. I think it's called a lisp? 'Cause that thing is obvious as hell.

      I mean I can tolerate him just fine but god I can not stop noticing it. Cute as hell video though, legit didn't know about any of that. Good times.

        Pretty sure the difficulties in the speech that you are hearing can be attributed to him "putting on" a voice. That, or he's eating a bag of tube steak while he is doing the voice over.

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