Titanfall On Xbox One Versus PC


    How about checking if the video is still there before posting it?

    IGN link is down :(
    TBH, it just looks like a port with tweaks
    It does look pretty, just not what i was expecting for the borderline limitless grunt of a PC and such a next gen game

    after reading the other IGN link, it wasnt done to see how pretty titanfall can be, just to compare the looks of 2 similar specced machines @ 1408x792 and 1920x1080


      Even with all other settings the same, 1920x1080 is 86% more pixels per frame than 1408x792.

    I'm assuming it's more or less identical, except for better lighting and supposrt for more AA on PC.

    Maybe better textures, but I'm not holding my breath. It's a pretty good looking game, but it isn't breathtaking.

      from what i can see from the screenies, pc has higher resolution, better lighting, AA and i'm assuming uncapped framerate?

        Yes higher resolution. Yes better lighting and AA but as far as I'm aware, the framerate is locked to the monitor frequency. Also from my experience (and many others on forums etc) the game currently doesn't like SLI/Crossfire or V-Sync...otherwise for $50 it's a blast!

          Where did you get it for $50?

            Simplycdkeys. Google 'Titanfall cheapest price' and look at comparegames.com.au

              FYI, $55 from ozgameshop if anyone wants to go via a well known site.

                Or use a VPN and buy from mexico origin store for even less.

              Wow, how have I never heard of this service? Just purchased Titanfall, but it's taking a while for the CD key to come through, been over an hour now, anyone else having that issue?

              EDIT: Just in case anyone's wondering, the CD key came through eventually, everything working fine :)

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            At first I thought it might be dodgy...but a fully-working copy of Titanfall says otherwise :) downside: it's a 50GB download :/

        - better Specular Bloom evident on the big white thing on the right on PC screen
        - terrible jaggys on the trolley, cables and railings towards the lower right side of screen on XB1 (near the opening that shows the outside area)
        - I think the textures are the same, but the overall quality appears generally of lower on XB1 (general blurriness, especially the further back you go inside the cabin)

        All that said, the only difference you'd be able to spot in fast action is the AA. And so many PC gamers play with low AA anyway...

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          all hail the PC master race

            I can't stand people that say PC master race it's a douchebaggy term for douchebag people, if you have $2k to burn on a decent PC maybe you should do more with that $$$

          The biggest difference between the two is how much faster paced it is on PC due to m +kb.

    Regardless of the video and screenshots comparing the two platforms, it doesn't mean the Xbone is underpowered. You just have to compare games that came out on the 360 at the beginning to those near the end to see what a few years can do without a hardware change.

    Just looks like PC is slightly prettier (to be expected really) and the Xbox one version still looks fantastic. *shrug* Nothing controversial here. Move along folks.

      tell that to the PC master race haha. i agree. of course the PC will look a bit better. they're capable of more. doesn't mean the xbone version doesnt look great. i thought it looked good during the beta. the performance quality is only going to increase as time goes on with the xbone. PC will always be better in this regard because they're always improving the hardware.

      to be honest i hate these compare videos. its like when the wii came out we kept hearing how "the wii version doesnt look as good as the ps3 or xbox 360 versions" no shit. its in SD!!!

        The game itself looks great, it moves smooth on both, looks like major fun. It's pretty as an NRL cheerleader and damn it if it's not priced appealingly too. Can't wait to try it.

      There's never really anything controversial unless one just flat out doesn't work or something.

    Xbox one looks fantastic?
    Are you serious ? it looks like a 360 game

    I am really sick of these comparison videos. Is it just me or do they not look anywhere near as good as the real thing?! The XBOX One looks way better than this!! I was playing it last night. Way sharper and higher res. Please pay no head to these videos, the Xbox One has great graphics, maybe not as good as a high end PC but way better than what is being displayed here. This is just fuel to the fire for the gaming forums. Go see it for YOURSELF!!!

    "Debating between two of the available versions of Titanfall? "

    Not really.

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