Titanfall's Australian Servers Are Apparently Up And Running

We've just gotten word from EA Australia that local servers for Titanfall were in the process of being tested all day, and you should be able to access them now.

Yesterday Respawn's Vince Zampella announced that local servers for Australian and New Zealand players would be made available today and it looks like the team has made good on that promise.

Vince Zampella also just tweeted the following.

Australia and NZ rejoice! PC and X1 servers are up and running. Still calling them beta until you test them, so go test them!

EA Australia's Community Manager confirmed that the servers were in 'beta'. The servers are still in testing but you will be able to access them. The team expects the servers to be fully up and running within 24 hours.

Good luck everyone, and let us know how you go in the comments below.


    I have a desire to buy an Xbone and Titanfall just for this very reason.

    Yes, it really is that important, it's the reason why I bought Homefront.

      Hmm, me too. Wondering if the wife will notice if the Xbox 360 gets sneakily replaced by an Xbox One in the TV cabinet.

        It plays blu-ray discs. It belongs there more than the X360 does. And you can run the X360 through the Xbone if there's room for both. I'm doing that very thing at the moment because there's no Media Center app for the Xbone at the moment.

          Do you find it controls are delayed I was playing skyrim on 360 through the hdmi in on x1 and it was almost a 2sec delay

          Last edited 14/03/14 5:04 pm

            Yeah its not really made to have another console run through it. Microsoft will tell you that it lags and it does. I use mine to run my digital TV recorder box through it. Good times

            I noticed some serious lag playing BF3. Made it unplayable at times - so I got an HDMI switcher instead and have nothing going through the XBone.

        I say do it !

        I have nothing to lose :)

        My old 360 red ringed (it was white). Went and bought a new one that happened to be black and just put my old faceplate on, she never ever questioned it haha

      why not just get it for PC?

      I can't imagine what it would be like playing TF using a controller.
      Though I'm biased as I prefer K+M for FPS games.

      console FPS has that all "bro genre" feel about it, don't get me started on the kids screaming constantly on their mics, god damn.

      Last edited 14/03/14 4:39 pm

        I agree the keyboard and mouse feels a lot better for fps and a controller feels right for a third person view. Im considering buying titanfall on pc just because of the local servers - hopefully more companies do the same...looking at you Activision blizzard!

        The kids screaming in the mic thing isnt really an issue any more as its super easy to switch chat channels and never hear kids again. Has been for years.

          Yea I don't know why so many people don't seem to realize that yet :D It is the first thing I usually do when I join a lobby.

          You can mute in the lobby in titanfall very easily, I just like to tellem first....not sure how easy it is to mute on PC?

      Well now you can buy a xbone and get titanfall free.... I got FIFA :|

        If I got FIFA in my console I wouldn't even move, I'd open it, pull it out and give it back.

        Last edited 14/03/14 5:23 pm

          It was a code. I've played 2 games on it so far. My nephew came over and played it for 4 hours straight though so maybe it's not too bad.

      Homefront? You serious mate?
      The writing was on the wall before that...thing came out.


    come on knock-off-o'clock!

      Oh man, I feel ya.

      I've never seen a clock tick so slowly. Its like it knows.....................

    I am so painfully gutted I am going to a birthday party tonight... I know I shouldn't be... but Titanfall!

      You're looking a bit pale there, mate. Maybe a restful night in is in order.

        Yeah, you don't look well at all.

          I knew I shouldn't have come into work today.

        He might have what I got this morning, before I had to go to work...

      i am supposed to go to one too but im also now sick.. think its called 'TitanFallitus'

        A common strain from the 'thisgameisamazing' infection

    will try them out tonight. hopefully they work because im with optus and i could barely get into any games during the beta.
    it's pretty good that they actually made an effort to get aussie servers running

    It's great that we're got Australian Servers just after launch WOOO TITANFALL

    Atm on Xbox, it has the BETA Aus server listed, as -1 ping, but I couldn't connect to it. Will try again soon.

    I'd love to try out the aus servers, but bigpond decided yesterday would be the day to cut off my net for maintenance -.- still no net

      Hey Matty.....you from Perth by any chance?

      Last edited 15/03/14 10:39 am

        Hey nema why yes I am how did you guess? :p

    Best birthday present ever.

    I am so not painfully gutted I'm not having a birthday party tonight. I know I should be... But Titanfall!

    Props to EA/MS/Respawn, even though i am in perth and am currently getting a better ping to the SouthEast Asia server (64-70) then to the Aussie ones (80-85) but i know many of my clan mates would appreciate this and already two more have jumped on board since the announcement. GJ

      Yeah mate, WA are lucky in the sense that the SE Asia server is actually closer than the new Aussie one. I had mates getting beta pings in WA of what you report above, but I was getting 120ms average.

      Keen to try the aussie servers tonight though.

    EA had local servers for BF3 and BF4, even on previous gen consoles... was there ever any likelihood of there not being local servers for a flagship game like Titanfall?

      Those were owned wholly by EA though. All of titanfall's servers (maybe not this one) are owned by Microsoft.

    I'm in WA so during the Beta i was connected to South East Asian servers. My pings were around 50. If the pings are still that low, or even better, thats great. But, what if they're way higher on the Aus Servers? will i be able to choose? I spent all last night install the game so i havent had a chance to play it yet

      You can pick any server you like any time. Bottom right corner of the main menu.

      Yep you can choose, press x button at the main menu and it gives you a list and current pings......by the way the game plays great.

    I'd say a gaming PC isn't all that bad for Titanfall. Now before you scrutinize me and tell me to go away, this is a Titanfall article not an Xbox One article and I'll be reasonable too!

    A PC will mean playing cross-platform games easily, sometimes cheaper too. You can do OTHER things with that PC, browse the web, use Photoshop, watch movies etc...
    I just personally think. If I had the money and REALLY wanted Titanfall, I'd get a Core i5 and a GTX 760 for that much extra money than an Xbox One and call it a day :)

      pc's are too much hassles for me plus I spend 8 hours a day in front of a PC last thing I want to do is come home and jump on a PC.....my gaming group grew out of PC's as they started settling down and having families.

      Personally having a decent but very portable ultrabook/tablet is far more what I need out of a pc. Won't play games for shit though. Console is far more useful as a console and media player combo.

    I'm gutted. Been waiting for this for AGES and I've just moved house and I can't get the Internet on cause there's 'no available ports at the exchange'. Suuuuucks.

      Shit, so you can't get internet at ALL?

        Nope. And no phone service inside. I have to go outside for a bar of mobile broadband. You think you don't rely on the Internet much and this happens and you feel like life has ground to a halt.


          Damn I feel sorry for you! I don't think I could handle not having the internet for a day. I hope something gets sorted out.

          I'm in the same boat. Just got off the phone to bigpond and they changed from 7pm tonight (42 mins ago) to sometime Monday.

          With enough arguing they agreed to cover the cost of a prepaid wireless pack I'll pick up tomorrow. Hopefully that allows me to get on titanfall!

      Come to my house.

      Bring beer.

      First thing I do when moving is check what Internet is available. It's that important to me that it won't move or buy a place without decent net.

        Same. We specifically waited for a block to be ready for around 8 months, just because it was on the labor nbn fibre rollout, with construction started over a year ago in that area. My number 1 priority after $.

        Last edited 14/03/14 11:07 pm

    Australian servers seem so barren. Joining a game, especially in campaign, takes forever.

      I couldn't find a campaign game on the Asia servers either.

    Yeah I'm having trouble finding a game. Whatever the other default server was I got into a game straight away, Aus servers take ages.

    EDIT: also I get "Requesting new server for xbox live compute..." when I can't find a game.

    Last edited 14/03/14 5:48 pm

      It was like that for me on the SEA servers too, granted it was 4am tho. Hopefully it will be sorted very shortly, i know the respawn dev is working on it right now.

      If anyone sees -1 ping then just keep pressing play until you get in. It just hangs on "searching" but thats what their fixing along with being able to see ping times.

      Last edited 14/03/14 5:57 pm

        This comes very close to being a negative comment in a post that's Microsoft related.

        Downvote yourself immediately!

    Well they aren't working for Optus users in Melbourne still...
    Same crap different day.

    Last edited 14/03/14 5:58 pm

      so lame. they're aus servers now and optus still can't get it sorted. wtf!!! i do have friends not on optus who can't get into games either.

      They randomly work. They worked at 3am, now they don't.

      This issue clearly is something to do with the way Optus restricts and throttles traffic at different times of the day.

      This is unacceptable and who knows what other less obvious effects this has to our internet use.

    Says Connecting that is all......

    Not working here either. Can't even even connect to US servers any more. Shitfuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd give the AUS servers a few days to settle in

      i was thinking that. there's always drama with games at launch

    Yeah what a crock of horse dumplings. I was playing fine yesterday and now i can't even scratch my own balls because i am furious and may rip them from my scrotus.
    From Aus. Victoria Mallee. Yes i do have a ping of 150 but most did yesterday too..

    It's more so an Optus issue that us Optus users are experiencing. That count route for crap internationally and also for some reason they can't route to a server in Sydney

    Amazing news though, it was not even on the cards for a long time as the azure data centres hadn't been completed. I will definitely be getting the game now, cus I loved the beta, just refused to buy the game without aussie servers.

    The servers are down and they are investigating I was told eh I can wait time to go back to southpark :-)

    They are up and running but I can't connect even though like 33ms ;-;

      Nice, you'll have awesome speeds when the bugs are ironed out.....lucky bastad

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