Titanfall's Titans Never Looked So Cute!

Titanfall's Titans are are gargantuan steel behemoths designed to tear flesh from bones and wreak havok in a war situation. This little wooly Atlas Titan is designed to be soft, cuddly and make you say 'awwwww'.

Created by Baboo Crafts, this little wittle Titan was naught but a ball of wool at the beginning, in the end it was a luxurious war machine programmed to hug... you heart.

Head to Baboo Crafts to check out more!


    What's with the stupidly close up shots? Sackboy is still cuter.

      DUH! Probably to show the detailing. And what would be the point of a crochet Sackboy? He's made of wool anyway!

    Awesome woolly wonder - preparing to Titanfall in love with this guy!

    Love this! That's some serious crochet skills right there. Sackboy is cute by default, a Titan isn't. This is awesome!

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