Project Spark Goes Into Beta Today


    Apparently Xbox One beta codes go out on Thursday (so probably Friday here) for those who have already been sent PC codes.

    I've got a PC code but not interested of using it on PC. waiting for m Xbox 1 code :)

      I've read that PC codes also work for Xbox One? I have a PC code but am yet to try it out.

        yeah it does, i accidentally said waiting for X1 "code" instead of "beta"

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    I got a PC code and I've played around with it a little bit. I must say that I'm a bit disappointed by the paying to unlock most of the objects.

      That's taken some of the shine off.
      Do you know if the application itself going to be free?

        I'm not sure. If you have to pay for it, I'll be a lot angrier. If not, I'd still suggest that they make some more items free.

          There's a ton of free assets, I've been making a fairly complex adventure game on the PC beta over the last 2 months, I've probably only touched a tenth of the free assets.

          Considering the game is free, and you get a shit load of free assets to work with, and you are in control of shape, coloring, physics and you can attach items to items to make your own items, I don't see how it's even an issue. There's generally a simple free asset for every paid asset anyway.

            I think the enemy and hero options are very limited, there are quite a few effects (which is good), and there's an alright number of buildings. However, these buildings tend to fit with just one theme instead of many. It forces your game to look a certain way, which I do not like.

              Thing is though, you have power over appearance and brain of heroes and enemies, you're not just stuck with the default. You can dress em up, add to them, add effects to them, change size, coloring, add a variety of things to their brain to change the way they interact or what they do. So 3 heroes to me, is potentially thousands of different options.

              Buildings as well, you can stitch a number of assets together to build your own buildings. I think for a F2P game the value is there, if you really don't wanna build something yourself and would rather something served on a platter that's different from the defaults, then spend $10 on a theme.

              You really have to take into account the customization that's offered.

              Hell, I was watching the projectsparkcommunity stream on Twitch earlier today, and a girl made an animated giant pegasus purely from stitching together free stone assets.

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                I'm sure this is all feedback they want to hear as developers. Is there a forum or thread where we can post this stuff on their site? Or just on their facebook



                  I'd also be open to a subscription model, where you pay $x per month and you get access to all paid content in the game and new content while the subscription is active.

    I will be stopping past home on my break and starting the download.

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