Tony Hawk Explains The Back To The Future Hoverboard Prank

Tony Hawk Explains the Back to the Future Hoverboard Prank

While you don't need Tony Hawk to realise that the HUVr Back to the Future hoverboards were fake, the legendary skateboarder still felt it needed some explanation.

It still looks awesome though.

HUVr Tech - Tony Hawk Reveals Hoverboard Prank [RIDE Channel, YouTube]


    A part of me will still hang on to the futile hope that this prank is actually a prank to throw us off, and the hoverboard is actually still real....

    You and I might not need an explanation that the hoverboards are fake, but trust me, someone did. Never underestimate how gullible some people can be.

      Yeah one of the brissy radio presenters was going nuts about how its finally happened, im sitting in my car shaking my head.

        I'm not sure what's worse that they didn't realise or that I want to know which station.

    I had a friend giddily link this to me, and who is otherwise, quite intelligent. I sat him down and asked if he seriously thought that some scientist discovered the secret to antigravity out of the blue and their first notion was to put it in a hoverboard? You think they finally violated the laws of thermodynamics? What's the power source? This would be the scientific discovery of the age, how could it possibly have been kept secret? You don't think there were intermediate designs that might have leaked before that very polished prototype? How come all the actors have such sudden expertise. I certainly couldn't do all those tricks five feet in the air, regardless of the legitimacy of a hovering skateboard, could you?

    Seeing his grin slowly turn upside down was a little heart-breaking.

    I'm not interested in "how", just "WHY?"

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